My Eureka moment this week!

My Eureka moment this week!

I have been waiting for this moment for 12 weeks now and last night - at last, it arrived.

After a long slog in the garden I decided to take a hot bath, have a soak, listen to the radio etc. Usually, as I lie back I am left staring at my belly, resembling Moby Dick, emerging from the water and no matter what I do it just will not completely submerge :-(

Last night, same routine and Eureka!  The "whale" had disappeared under the water! 

Admittedly I did fill the bath up but this is another small victory that brought a smile to my face :-) 7 inches loss off of my belly/waist has paid dividends so next up is to get into those 38 inch waist trousers when I go away next week - Have a great weekend everyone - John


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24 Replies

  • Yippee 😊 Great story 😊 Well done John! Have a good weekend yourself too 😊

  • You too Anna !

  • Well done, John, that's a great result!  Have a good weekend and hope the weather holds off so you can get out in the garden!

  • That's fantastic John!  Well done, the hard work has really paid off!

  • Well done John, sounds like those 'speedo's' will have to come out 😀😀


  • oh noooo ! God forbid I ever wear them :-)

  • There's 3 likes here John I think you'd better dust them off 👍. Have a lovely weekend.

  • Hi John,

    This is great news!!!  Congratulations!!!  You'll be looking great in those 38 inch waist trousers for when you go away next week.  

    Have a lovely weekend!

    Lowcal :-)

  • That is absolutely fabulous. Well done. Love the cartoon.

  • Just love it.........the fat git ( affectionately I add) is gone, very pleased for you! X

  • Yes, it seems like that is the case. We go away on Sunday week and will be seeing people I have not seen for over 6 months so it will be interesting to see if they notice a difference? 

  • I think it's a case of can they not miss it, folk say you look well when you are fatter, this time wow I expect!

  • Brilliant never mind. 38in you'll soon be 36in , enjoy your holiday😀

  • Yay! Well done John. :)

  • Great victory for you John. The cartoon bought a smile to my face too. Have a great time away and I am sure the people you are seeing can't help but see the difference you have made. I'd pack those 38 inch trousers - sure you will get into them. Enjoy the weekend :)

  • The trousers await me at our destination so we will see! I did try some 38s on in M&S yesterday but they all had the stretchy elastic waistbands? They fitted but it was a bit of a cheat really :-) 

  • Boom! 😀

  • Reading this post made me go....aaaawwww. What a fantastic post, i love this. These moments are what its all about. Its not always about what the scales say...I hope everyone reads your lovely post. Well done xxxx

  • Well done . Have you been following the nhs weight loss?

  • Hi Chris, yes I have but I have tweaked things to suit myself. Always sticking to the calorie allowance of between 1400-1600 per day but for the last 6 weeks I have reduced my carbohydrate intake by cutting out rice, pasta, potatoes and bread and not eating too much fruit. I have started to increase my carb intake now but will still make sure I keep within 50-100 gms per day, fat and protein are as recommended. 

  • Great news and love the analogy.

  • Really well done :)  It's such a happy high achieving the impossible, or at least that is what we always thought it was, impossible!  You have just given me another thwack with the happy, positive stick.  Thank you :)

  • Brilliant John!!! Goodbye Moby... Hello 38-36" slacks! Well done :)

  • Good news... keep it up...

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