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Vegetable and Fruit Diet Suggestions


Hi everyone. I am so far on a weight loss journey and am already 5 days in! I have changed to a diet more focused on fruits and vegetables, I still eat a little meat but mostly get my protein from protein powder. The diet gets kinda  hard though because for one I can't seem to find any raw vegetables enjoyable. I like cooked one's but when it come to them just alone I just can't eat them. Also my main problem in fruits and vegetables is acidic things. I can't stand the stingy feeling you get when eating citrus or pineapples even tomatoes sometimes bother me. Also it ruins salads for me. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love salad but only with ranch,  but I am trying to quit fatty things like ranch but Italian is soooo acidic it makes my mouth twitch. So it there any suggestions you have for me to find raw/acidic vegetables/fruits more enjoyable and any different fruits/vegetables that you believe I would enjoy eating by themselves (I haven't tried a lot of different ones) also I don't like dressing like honey mustard or thousand Island. Sorry I am very picky. :(

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I have raw cauliflower, carrot, onion and apple and use lighter than light mayonaisse


Good habits take time to create so I suggest a more gentle change. For example, adding some dried fruit to cereal, salad to a sandwich, extra veggies to your dinner. Sneak a few onions and carrots into a casserole, even carrots into potatoes when you mash them. I have also found because I eat so little processed food, especially sweet things, that my taste buds have changed and fruit tastes so much sweeter. Bananas are my new best friend! 

Good luck


Have you tried raw yellow and orange pepper? Really sweet and great for snack. Not sure about acidity though.

Also a hollowed out red pepper lightly roasted and filled with chilli or Bolognese is lovely. Raw carrot (and other veg) made into 'spaghetti' is also good. Cauliflower blitzed is a processor makes nice raw 'rice'. 

As for dressing have your tried walnut oil and white balsamic vinegar? This is sweet due to vinegar.

If I think of others I will shout but am sure you will have lots ofsuggestions!


Protein from powder, prob better with pulses ( bear in mind, needs rice to absorb), 100g portion size is about right, for meat and veg.

Spiralise veg, root maybe?  Worth noting that veg grown above the ground is better calorie wise, than those that grow below, fruit wise it will have sugar as opposed to most veg

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It maybe worth checking your blood type dr D'Adamo ( the man who wrote the books), has a site that will lead you to check veg that are best for you.

Well known that nightshade veg is bad for folk with arthritis 

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what are nightshade veg?

ZestHealthy BMI

Hi Madison66,

Welcome to the forum:

I can see you've had some helpful responses regarding your query about vegetables.  Let us know how you get on and what things you end up enjoying.  

Good luck and have a great weekend.

Lowcal :-)

I don't quite understand your diet, are you just eating raw fruits and vegetables?  I ask that because soup is a great way to get a lot of veggies in and can be quite low in calories.

I am vegan and I consume a lot of vegetables daily!  Last night I had sliced aubergine, sprinkled with cumin and garlic salt and griddled, very meaty and delicious.  I served it with some roast potatoes (with skins and spray of oil to cook) a side salad made of lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, red peppers, grated carrot, onion, sauerkraut, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, a tiny dash of olive oil, pepper and herbs (I call this my power salad, lol).

Lovely raw veggies to snack on include sugar snap peas (like mangetout but fatter), baby sweetcorn, carrots, I even love to munch on the stalks of broccoli!

Fruits are many and varied, but like you I avoid the too acidic ones.  My favourites are strawberries, blueberries, apples, bananas, grapes, mango, papaya, pears and lots of melon.

Another dish I make often is a curry consisting of whatever vegetables are needing used up: carrots, onions, mushrooms, aubergine, parsnip, spinach, etc and a handful of lentils.  By adding a range of spices (cumin, garam massala, coriander, turmeric) and some chopped ginger, it turns into a delicious mild curried dish.

I hope this helps and that you begin to enjoy your fruits and vegetables, they are delicious and full of so many essential nutrients.

Also, did you know that they contain proteins too?  Of course, it makes sense when you consider that huge animals like elephants and cows manage to bulk up on greenery alone!

Anyway, I hope this helps and I am sorry if I have gone on too long - I seem to have developed a bit of an obsession with fruits and veggies!


I enjoyed reading your reply to madison66 and was interested to know if you supplement your protein intake at all?

Hi, no I don't supplement my protein, I do try to eat beans, pulses, grains, quinoa, oats etc every day and occasionally enter a typical day's food into a database such as and can see that I get enough protein and other essential nutrients.

So much protein, that I am now building muscle!  I was very surprised (and relieved) because I had always been brought up to believe that you need meat/fish/eggs/dairy in order to be strong.  

There are even body builders out there who follow a vegan diet - who knew?

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Lots of foods contain protein but like you say, it's eating a varied diet that counts 😊 We actually need a lot less meat etc than many people realise 😊 Interesting post @LotToLose


Thanks Anna, our meat consumption has shot up over the last few decades, everyone eats far too much - it is crazy! 

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Hi Madison66  Have you tried small tomatoes ??  There many different varieties in the supermarkets which are more condensed therefore not so acidic.  Also grated baby carrots or apple on a salad help with flavour.  As for dressing I buy coriander and basil pastes and add a little water to mix and pour over salads.  in fact any herb chopped finely  and sprinkled over salad helps make it more tasty 

If you like mushrooms it is suggested you do not eat them raw though - but blanch them in hot water first.

Good Luck with your new diet !

SheilambRestart Jan 2020

My new best friend is my soup maker.  There are lots on the market at present, so if the idea appeals do have an explore.  The one I bought is so easy - just fill up to the line with roughly chopped vegetables then top to the next line with stock.  Go mad with seasoning to taste.  After the timer stops press down the 'blend' button till you get your preferred consistency.  Eat with a slice of nice granary bread.  Lovely.  Jubbley.   It makes several bowls which I store in the fridge and eat over a day or two.  


One of my favourite snacks, I weigh out 15g of raisins and 15g of cashews and put them in a little bowl together.  I then eat it with an apple and a glass of water.

It's really nice, about 200 calories and quite filling too.


Oh, and another thing I enjoy is humous with slices of cucumber, cherry tomatoes, pepper and avocado to dip (although weigh it, avocado is quite fatty - but delicious)! :-)


There's a huge variety of fruits and veggies to choose from, my personal favorite is zucchini which can be eaten raw, grilled, fried, cooked in stews, in form of crisps (alone or as a side dish), added to skewers, baked, stuffed etc., etc. Yellow beans are also perfect for a snack, and both yellow beans and zucchini contain 27 calories per 100g, so even a big plate won't do much harm to your waistline. :)

Why don't you just stick to things you like and have a smaller portion? Sometimes its better to do that and your probably more likely to stick to it. You could also try different things but just buy the smaller bottles.


Soups, stews, casseroles, roast vegetables, baked vegetables, steamed, microwave, stir-fry; choose the above-ground vegetables you like. Add sauces such as hollandaise, bearnaise, butter, stock based, cream sauce, cheese sauce, olive oil guacamole, or coconut for example, watching the portion sizes for your energy requirements.

Fruit is a pudding; limit fructose.

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