That was scary !!

Hi all,

Hope you are all ok.

Weighed in today, first time in a few weeks and scary I am back in the dreaded 13's !!! I have really been struggling and lost a bit of motivation. I'd pledged to 'leagues under the sea' and that has has really helped with keeping my exercise levels up but the food side has been all over the place!!

The reality is clothes are feeling tight and summer stuff from last year does not fit ( except my flip flops) !!

 Today I'm back in the groove,it's  only me that can turn this around and I will ! I will not look back only forward, I have recorded the dreaded inches as well so ready!!!

Hope you all have a great weekend( it's freezing here !) and a fabulous week

Flossie x


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23 Replies

  • HI Flossie,

    Don't let the result on the scales put you off.  You've kept up with your exercise and you're back in the groove today, and you can turn things around and looking forward will help you through this no problem.  

    You're ready with your body measurements, and I hope you have a really fabulous week ahead.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thanks Lowcal,

    It feels good to be back, and able to post !! Look forward to catching up on Monday.


  • You can do it! One day at time and you'll get there :-D

  • Thanks Gonnadoit,

    I've taken today one meal at a time !!! But winning !


  • Glad to hear you sounding positive 😊 Sure you will be on the way down by summer 😊🌞👙⛱😎

  • Thanks Anna,

    How come you have smilies??


  • Doesn't anyone else have smilies? 😊 Hadnt noticed . . . But now you mention it . . . Don't know? 😕

    I will share . . . 😊😀🌞😜😳😎😊😀😊😘😀😜😂😜😊🌞 for all of you lovely people on HU ❤️

  • I've not been able to post smilies for weeks, mind you I've been having problems posting as well.

    Don't stop them just hope I get mine back soon !


  • You can cut and paste one of Anna61's smilies...😜

  • Would DD if knew how ( I'm a bit of a dope with anything techno!!)

  • Yeah, come on Flossie you can do this! Like the bit about the flip flops :-) 

  • Thanks John,

    You must have no trees left to cut down !!! All that work bet the garden is looking great.


  • Maybe we can find our mojo together, mine keeps hiding away too!

  • Thanks Sueper,

    Sounds like a fine plan to me, I'm with you all the way.


  • After clocks changed last weekend I always feel we are a step nearer to summer so it's a bit easier to get motivated. The thought of wearing summer clothes and the dreaded swimsuit on holiday usually helps me stay on track. Sounds like you know what you have to do and with your positive attitude I am sure those clothes will fit in no time.

  • Thanks muffin too,

    It's been a rough few months but I think you are right, it's lighter brighter days and I'm not buying bigger clothes !!!eek.

    Oh for a bit of sun !!


  • I need to be able to fit into my summer clothes too as I hate shopping and although losing weight is not easy I would rather do that than have to go shopping. Sad I know. Supposed to be sunny over the  weekend. Hope you have a good one.

  • I love shopping but I refuse to buy bigger clothes. We will do this and look fab for the summer !

    Enjoy your weekend


  • Oh yes I love The sun, wise not to go down the bigger clothes route, Spring is here, cheers and motivates you on, eh!

  • Thanks Diana,

    The reality is it's got to be done !! No sun heard today, it's cold and pouring oh the British Spring ! Lol


  • Oh dear it's been sunny here.....

  • You did it before Flossie and you'll do it again. One day at a time! Keep all those summer clothes on view, as a constant reminder of why you want to stick to plan and you'll soon be a skinny minnie again :)

  • Thanks moreless,

    You are so right, one day at a time. Tonight my neighbour dropped by with a thank you for looking after her cats, a huge box of Belgian chocs !!! I smiled, said thank you and I've given them to Mr F !! 

    I chuckled at the skinny minnie, don't think I've been there in a long time lol but will .


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