PLEASE JOIN IN : Study: Men to Women

PLEASE JOIN IN : Study: Men to Women

As you can see from the graph above, in this country (UK), the men to women ratio of those who are overweight or obese, they are both around the same with around 24% for men and 24/25% for women

I would be interested to gather similar information for this forum and see how many males and females who are overweight or obese are on here, all you need to do (if you wish to take part) is post in the comments whether you are male or female.

I will run the gathering of information from today (Mon 28 March) to next Friday 8 April

I wish to stress that this is by no means compulsory, and you only need to take part if you wish to

Rob :)

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46 Replies

  • How interesting Rob! What a great idea! I'm female and obese (more's the pity! :( )

  • Hi moreless,

    Thanks - noted :)

  • Hi Rob, is this based on the standard BMI chart or on the newer version that I have seen? If it is the old one, (19th century) Then I am still obese, soon to be overweight :-) Male, last time I checked :-)

  • Hi Kantara71,

    I believe it's the current NHS one

    Added to the list

    Rob :)

  • LOL John!! :D

  • Hi Rob,

    I am within the healthy BMI on both the 'standard' BMI and also the 'new BMI' (which is for taller people).   Is that sufficient data for your study?  Let me know if you need anything more.  I am female. 

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thanks Lowcal


  • I figure that I should put myself in!!

    I'm male and obese

  • Hi Rob

    I'm female and currently overweight. Come back in 2 months, it might change eventually. (the overweight bit, not the gender - I hope)

  • Thanks Foodie87


  • Hi Rob, I'm female and overweight finally rather then obese.

  • Hi Ros1,


    Rob :)

  • Hi Rob, I am female and OMG obese hopefully not for much longer though

  • Hi elacol68,


    Rob ☺

  • Hi Rob,

    Female & obese :(

  • Cheers Sue

    Messaged you earlier


  • I am female and obese (shakes fist at BMI chart...)

  • Thanks

    Rob 😊

  • Hi Rob I'm female and as of today I am no longer obese although i am still female

  • Hi MarmiteRehoming,

    Well Done, thanks

    Rob :)

  • I am a female and over weight.

  • Hi bakersdozen,

    Thanks for that

    Rob :)

  • Female and just over the border into obese, two pounds off and I will bust that barrier lol

  • Thanks Fran182716 :)

  • Female and obese (just) hoping for overweight very soon 😊

  • Hi Anna61,

    I've noted you down :)


  • Female and obese

  • Thanks rosie-2015


  • Hi - I'm female and now overweight.  I was in the obese category but not currently!

  • Thanks Frankie53


  • Hi, I am female and obese :(

  • Thanks polleypocket89

  • Hi rob, female and obese

  • Thanks Sunny-day

  • I am male and just within the healthy weight for my height on the BMI scale.

    All the best Rob :)

  • Nice One


    Rob :)

  • Hi Rob - I am female and obese.

  • Thanks

    Have a good weekend

    Rob :)

  • Hi Rob - I'm female. Obese but ever closer to the BMI of 29.999.

    I have previously  noticed that this site works especially well for women -any idea why? Not the case with other areas like c25k. I think it's a shame because it is such a helpful resource. 

  • Hi Gonti,

    I've added you to the list!

    I think men are generally more embarrased and less open! I am generally but it got to the point where I needed help and along with medical help, the moral support here helped too!

    Have a good weekend

    Rob :)

  • I am a man with the 12 week plan.

  • Hi,

    Could I ask whether you are obese, overweight or lucky enough to be a healthy weight?

    Rob :)

  • Hi Rob, I'm female and obese! I whispered that - so don't tell anyone! Have a good weekend ;)

  • Added to the list Jesterpuss1

  • female ....obese

  • Thanks

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