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an unexpected change

Despite the fact that I have only lost a few lbs so far, sticking to a healthy calorie intake has had a positive effect on my snoring! I thought that I snore as I am 3st overweight, but over the last few weeks OH says that my snoring is both quieter and less frequent. 

Yesterday we ate chocolate, cake, french stick at lunch time, generally all the things I hadn't been consuming, far in excess of my usual calorie intake. OH got up at 4am to go and do some paperwork as he said I'd been snoring for two hours solidly and no amount of nudging me, or trying to move me helped. So I now have another reason to stick to myfitnesspal calorie limits, for a happy hubby as well as my weight loss journey.

Happy Easter everyone x

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How very interesting.  I am a big snorer too. My husband is always nudging me in the night to shut up! I will ask him if I have been any quieter.  Come to think of it I dont remember him complaining about it much recently. 


I always feel guilty if I've kept him awake snoring, but he snores like a wart hog when he first drops off, I'm usually awake still so not too bad. 

Would be interesting if your husband has noticed a difference too. For me it must be the food/calories as I've only lost about 4 lbs, then put 2lbs back on.

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Just asked him and he said he can't remember that I have kept him awake much recently but he seemed a bit vague in his reply! (He has eaten too much Easter egg chocolate today I think!) I will get him to take more note over the next week and report back. 

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Hi Fussybird,

How great that your snoring has improved over time as you've lost weight and stuck to your healthy eating and calorie allowance.  That is really great! 

Happy Easter!

Lowcal :-)

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