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always starving

always starving

Hi guys,

my name is Teresa and I'm 26. I began this diet on Monday. I've beeen trying loosing weight since I was 13 but I never succeeded. My IBM is 28,9 which means I should be almost obese but honestly when I look at myself in a mirrow I don't feel this is the case. I'm 160cm tall, weigh 73 kg, my waist size is 90ish cm, breast size 102 cm and hip size 102 cm (pic enclosed). I work out every day (zumba, yoga, abs) and I don't use public transport which means that I walk 30 min every day, at least.

I've been struggling to respect the 1400Kcal allowance rule. I am strarving the entire day and I can't even fall asleep beacuse of this.

How do you guys do not to feel this sensation? which type of food do you guys eat? I've been realizing that even air contains calories and I am seriously warried I could not be able to complete the 12 weeks.

thanks for your support


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Eat more water based veg, it really does help! Drink more too, clear fluids, plan your meals and always add protein, you really shouldn't be hungry on 1400 cals, I tend to stick to 1500 or just over.

Although when I first started to lose I was a bit, soon passes , good luck

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Hi Teresa,

You have quite an active life so am not surprised you get hungry. The important thing is to fill up on foods that release energy slowly, such as protein foods, wholegrains and fruit and vegetables. Avoid highly processed foods and high sugar or high fat foods which will encourage your blood sugar levels to see-saw up and down. Try porridge or poached eggs on toast for breakfast, have a piece of fruit mid-morning. Lunch can be soup or salad with a roll or some cous-cous & a yogurt. Have a hot drink or two over the afternoon, and maybe some raisins & nuts to nibble - but weigh them first. Dinner can be fish or chicken with potato or rice or pasta (weigh the portion) with lots of vegetables to fill you up. Small dessert such as a mousse or meringue with fruit. Have a low calorie hot chocolate before bed. If you are still really hungry - fill up on some home-made coleslaw or a low calorie snack. Drink plenty of water - it helps to convince your body that it is full! Good luck! Lastly, if you feel well and can do all the sport and activities you enjoy - you are not very much over your ideal weight so don't let it get you down.


Hello Teresa

It will take a while to get used to the new eating plan, but if you want a permanent healthy lifestyle it really is worth sticking it out, 😊 Studies suggest habits can be learnt in just two weeks 😊 It has taken me 40 years to get out of the yoyo diet cycle, learn the good habits now and it will pay dividends! 😊

I also agree with DD about eating the right food to fill you up, quality of food is important, try to have a balance at each meal 😊 There are guidelines on the amounts you should eat too, as well as calories. lots of stuff online, I like British Heart Foundation "food not fads" also foodforfitness.co.uk

good luck!



Hi!! Why you don't try eggs ,keep you ful and have low calories.

Try more protein in you daily diet!


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