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No change - no problem

Stayed the same this week but not concerned as I know from previous diets that this always happens with me even though I've been good this week. Being 'not concerned' is in itself a big plus as at one time I would used it as an excuse that it wasn't worth carrying on. I have added incentive that my son and his family are visiting from Australia at the end of June and I don't want my grandsons to be greeted by an unfit, fat Nanny. To be honest I've had incentives before like holidays, weddings, etc. and it hasn't made a blind bit of difference when I've hit the 'no change' bit of the diet - I just give up, so this new attitude I've put down to being part of this forum. It's such a help reading the posts every day, realising we all face similar problems and knowing I could get support on a daily basis if I wanted to, not just once a week at a slimming club and paying for the privilege. I'm 5'6", 69 in May, currently weigh 13st.4lbs and would love to lose another stone by the end of June (I've lost 11 lbs so far). I can feel my motivation improving just putting this in print, so if you're looking at this post, thanks for reading my waffle and good luck for next week!

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Yes, i think everyone has a period when the weight seems to stay the same, maybe it is your body adjusting to new eating habits etc. Keep going with it and I am sure you will hit your target by the time your grandsons see you :-) John

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What a lovely positive post 😊 And what better incentive, a lovely grandsons 😊


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