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If we did all the things we are capable of, we would astound ourselves...."..Thomas Edison

I have been inspired by the truth within this quote.

Within this forum there are so many people who are beginning to astound themselves by gaining control of a life long problem and are becoming open to new possibilities.

As Bowie said we are just mortals with the potential of a superman.

Thank you all for sharing.

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Love that quote 😊 Thank you

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Profound statements from two great men and so true.

I know you've definitely applied this belief to your life Mimsta and I'm happily doing the same :)

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I was thinking of you moreless when I posted and know you are making great changes to your life. Well done you😀


I'm honoured Mimsta :)

We've both grabbed life by the horns and are living it to the max now :)

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