What am I doing wrong!?

I am trying to eat healthily, cut down on refined carbs, have smaller portions, more veg, etc. Have been doing c25k very very gradually, and going to gym 2 x week.

I am 48 post- menopausal and BMI of 28.

Just can't shift a single pound!!!


I am not always good,of course, do have sweets/crisps occasionally, but when I do I eat the whole bag! They are my weakness but only have them once/wk or so.

Any ideas welcome....Thanks


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15 Replies

  • hi Joopoo your meal, bacon, do you cut of the fat if not then start doing that in four weeks i've lost 11lb and if you can get hold of them slimming world sausages better for you hope this helps take care Alan

  • Hi JooPoo, it's maddening when the scales don't reflect the effort you make. It's worth switching to healthy choices and learning to love the gym even if you don't lose weight.

    I went to the gym and got control of my eating for six mons but I didn't lose any weight until I started calorie counting. After a good start I then didn't lose anything for three whole months ( although I got much fitter and dropped three dress sizes and my blood sugar count returned to normal). Based on my saga to date I have two suggestions.

    1. Take all your measurements - (wrist, neck, upper arm, chest, waist, hips and thighs). You may well lose body fat before you lose any weight and, depending on how overweight you are you may not realise it.

    2. If you can face it try logging everything you eat including those crisps into An APP like MyFitnessPal. Try it for at least two weeks. Also record your exercise.

    After two weeks if you are still not losing weight, look at all the information I your food-exercise diary for things to tweak: for example add a gym session, try another class or a daily walk, don't eat after 7pm, try getting some exercise into your daily commute or lunch breaks - the list goes on. Some people get amazing results from carb cutting.

  • Hi Gonti great advice thank you.

    I know BMI of 28 doesn't seem that bad atm but my weight just creeps up so easily, and I want to get it off. I'd like to lose at least a stone of what ive gained in the last 3-4 yrs, and get down to 11.5 stone.

    Have used MFP for several weeks about a yr ago, but stopped as got so fed up with inputting everything.

    May try to go back to it just for 2 weeks.

  • You are absolutely right to take action with a bmi of 28 rather than wait for things to get really bad. I bitterly regret that I didn't get a handle on ,y lifestyle sooner.

    If you are fed up of MFP and the like then don't torture yourself. Try something else. Essentially you only need to tweak what you are already doing so you burn more energy.

    For example, as you already make wise food choices -including those crisps!! - you could try your own version of the 5:2 diet. I fasted a couple of times recently and this seems to have reduced my appetite a very small but useful amount. Or you could try a more intense exercise class.

  • I have cut out all fat unless you get it in fish and ultra lean meat. I have never eaten processed meat, especially sausages all that icky meat bits they put in and fat :( Your BMI is barely into overweight, only three points, maybe you are at the stage when your body is just happy with itself. :)

    They say post meno, you should gain a little bit to ensure hormone levels don't plummet and it helps to stretch out the skin a bit. I am dreading the winkles and lose skin when I get to my aim which will still have me as a BMI of about 30. Even when I was magnificently fit, and only 19, I was 2 stone heavier than my recommended weight. I had to buy my clothes from Tammy girl (old topshop girls to age13 section).

    Hubby has not got an extra ounce on him and he is classed as borderline upper cusp of healthy. Forget BMI and concentrate on how you look and feel, you sound very healthy to me. You should drop the processed food though including crisps ;) for your healths sake.

  • Thank you. I know I will feel better if I could lose some excess pounds.

  • If you join myfitnesspal you can calculate every mouthful that passes your lips !!

    It gives you a calorie amount to have each day based on weight, height, age and your goal weight etc....

    Once you signed up (which is free) you fill in a day to day diary for both food and exercise. It has an extensive database of food amounts and calories

    I found it an eye opener and very useful !!

    Here is the link myfitnesspal.com/ if you are interested !

  • Thanks ☺

  • Hi joopoo :-) Gonti has given you some really good ideas - as she says, most importantly just log everything you eat for a while, in case you are consuming more calories than you think, even if they are 'healthy' ones.

    What you will probably find is that the exercise might not be making too much of difference yet in terms of calories burnt - especially if you are just at the early stages of C25k - so make sure you aren't increasing what you are eating. it will be building up strength though, so stick with it and it should really start making a difference once you start to build up the distance/time run.

  • Yes I will start logging again. Thank you.

  • Be pleased that you made the decision to try. Sometimes the going is slow. Whatever diet I have tried, I have only ever lost a pound and occasionally 2 per week. I know it makes it tough. You've got to get off those crisps and 'treats '. 😆cos they aren't treats. They are packed full of painful calories. You also need to get you head around those calories. It's so tedious at times but as the fat comes off, it does get easier. Your shape change and how good you feel becomes the treat. Keep going. Take measurement and re measure in 6 weeks. Good luck. My aim is now 7 pounds in the next 6 weeks and I know it won't be easy. I am 6 weeks in and 7; pounds down. It's a slow road but I am fitter and happier.

  • Yes I find calorie counting such a chore! Thank you.

  • Hi, hang on in there! When I started calorie counting I found it a nightmare and I didn't loose any weight for about two or three weeks even if I was exercising. However once I got my head round it all the weight stated to creep off! :) It's a slow slog and can be demoralising, but it does work! Good luck! :)

  • Hi Joopoo,

    Oh and isn't it annoying when we don't get any positive feedback? If you absolutely hate kcal counting, you could just take pictures of everything that passes your lips inc drinks. Better if you decide on your portion sizes and do some weighing as well, so that you know exactly what you've had. If logging what you've had doesn't keep you on the straight and narrow, then you will have information to evaluate.

    Every time I have stuck, and there were 4 plateaux during my "lose 5 stone" journey, it was because I was in a rut or had made a mistake by misunderstanding what I was supposed to be doing. If what you are doing doesn't work, then you have to mix it up. Doing something different will give your body a little push.

    This week I am drinking pints of water and have cut out nearly all my fruit. Just got to get out on the walks now. Perhaps tomorrow. These changes are because I had a mysterious lb on, even though I had completely stuck to my plan. Unfortunately our bodies haven't read what we have and they don't always get with the programme.

    The inches suggestion is well worth doing too. It has saved me from despair a couple of times. Anything which keeps you going is worth doing, till you get to your goal. It is the ones who keep going no matter what who are successful. No one ever achieved anything by giving up! Sure you will have a light bulb moment if you review.

    Best wishes for your changes and your next weigh in.


  • Could you switch to unsalted nuts instead of crisps? I know they too are high in calories but you could just eat a few. Also they are a healthy fat which is nutritious for you rather than empty calories. Also a little bit of plain chocolate, good quality, is very satisfying; it has an intense flavour and you might not need to eat much of it to satisfy a craving.

    My BMI is 28 as well. I am 54 and post menopausal too. The weight just creeps up and up, doesn't it.

    I have got 3 stone to lose; it's just dawned on me I'm carrying round the equivalent of a full sized sack of potatoes! No wonder I feel tired and breathless.

    Good luck!

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