Around the world in 80 days - Please post your steps/kms/miles for Friday 12 February (Part 1)

Around the world in 80 days - Please post your steps/kms/miles for Friday 12 February (Part 1)

Dear Travellers

We live in such a wonderful world :) :) :) :) The places we have visited are extraordinarily beautiful and the people are so welcoming. Today we are in Palau, one of the Micronesia Islands. Word of the day is snorkelling - the coral reef is breathtaking. Lots of colourful fish and clear, calm waters. And you might even see a Palau turtle :D

On the beach this afternoon, there will be hula dancing lessons. Grass skirts and conch shell bras provided :D

Happy Travels everyone :D :) :D


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66 Replies

  • Am I up for that !!! Fluffing my grass skirt and polishing my coconuts !!


  • I remember your fondness for grass skirts and coconuts :D :D :D

  • That Palau turtle is beautiful! I do hope we get to see one of those today! :-)

  • Me too :) :)

  • 6km for today. Been kind of slipping up both exercise and food wise so far this week. Hoping to turn it around today.

  • You're doing better than me Steve! :)

  • 4685 steps

  • Good job bd :)

  • 3kms for Friday 12th. We'll have to mow a few acres to make my grass skirt :)

  • Lol qd! :D

    Well done for your K's :)

  • Mmm turtle soup...

    No km's today I'm still recovering from Idris : )

  • Terrible person, turtle soup indeed!

  • Its naughty Friday dont you know ; )

  • Thanks for letting us know MR :)

  • Lovely picture. Today just 8,179 steps for me today.

  • Sounds good to me Karen :)

  • 9km today.

  • That's great Arbitdude :)

  • 6.8km today 8520 steps

  • Well done Pog :)

  • 17.9 km today and I am not taking another step away from the bar, because I'm knackered. A 25 min run this morning (love C25k) and my long walk back from work this evening. Oh and a bit of snorkeling. Such beautiful fish, they came and nibbled at my fingers. Happy travelling everybody!

  • Fantastic JC, you've certainly earned your bar stool this evening :)

  • Hi Lizzy, Moreless & Everyone,

    I did 3km of steps today - I think I've pulled my back slightly - didn't even do anything drastic, just noticed a twinge when getting out of bed this morning...!

    Think I need to look for some back stretching exercises!

    Hope everyone is having a great evening.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Uh-oh, time for a massage, I think. I hope it gets better quickly.

  • Yes, massage sounds like a good idea! :-)

  • On no Lowcal! Poor you! I really feel for you :(

    Stretching exercises sound like a great idea and for goodness sake, don't go overdoing it.

    Take care, we can be a pair of crocks together ;)

  • Thanks Moreless, :-)

  • 3.4 km for me today :)

  • Well done Sueper :)

  • Evening my kms today are 1.73 Had a lazy day, really enjoyed the grass skirt hula dancing, not too sure if I like the coconut bra !!

  • I can't find coconuts big enough :(

  • LOL! Me neither LtL, I'm leaning more towards water melons! :D

  • Good for you Marianne :)

    It's all a bit scratchy, methinks :o

  • Scratchy indeed, I might try ordinary melons! Bit jealous about the water melon suggestion moreless.

  • Oh don't be jealous Marianne, it's just one of my fat storing places, when I get to target weight, I shall be looking at eggshells! :D

  • Ok, Ill dream about eggshells as well.

  • 6.8 miles from me today. Walked the dogs but very cold today. Had a PT session that warmed me up. Love snorkelling.

  • Great stuff Florence :)

  • 10km today and now I'm ready for more hula 🌴🌴🌴


  • Fantastic Flossie, you hula away :)

  • I LOOOVE! turtles! Have been all over today and did a Pilates class, 8.1 km which is good for me. Making a cake for nephew though and been licking spoons!!

  • I am sure there are no calories on those spoons, anyway! ;)

  • It must have been baking day today, I've been making a ginger cake with my granddaughter :)

  • Yummy, I love the taste of ginger! :-)

  • Me too and I even had a mouthful of the cake, just to test it of course! ;)

  • Me too. Great ks for today. Did you manage to clock any for Weds and Thurs? :) :)

  • 8.5km. Hope there is lots of grass in those skirts and there are some big coconuts

  • Good show henlady :)

    I believe several acres have been mowed and there are some watermelons for the fuller figure! :D

  • I love the beautiful turtle, I hope he doesn't end up in dinner, like yesterday's crabs!

    I reached 19kms and decided to go around the block to get it over 20, so now my total is 20.39kms.

  • I know what you mean LtL, I was gutted about Colin :(

    There's just no stopping you now! :)

  • 8967 today. What size do they grow conch shells to? Double doors for me please!

  • Great steps and great humour Saga! :D

  • hi there Lizzy just 918 steps today big let down Alan xx

  • All steps are good steps Alan and never a let down :)

  • hi there your right, many thanks Alan xx

  • 4.8km for me today. I pledge to achieve 10000 steps each day over half term- I've been struggling to do this over the last few weeks with work. Watch this space!

  • We certainly will Phil and keep our fingers crossed for you and shake our pom poms :)

    You've been managing good numbers despite work though :)

  • Hello, I think I had posted up until Tuesday this week so now I am back from sunny Tenerife. Much easier to go out walking when the sun is shining. :-D

    Wednesday - 7.6 km

    Thursday - 11.47 km

    Friday - 3 km


  • Thanks so much for the update 20voices, I hope you had a truly splendiferous holiday :)

  • Thank you. It has helped.

    Not weighed myself yet, hoping that I at least haven't gained anymore weight. :-D

    Legs still white, but I always use P20 which is great even on my fair easily burnt skin. :-D

    Now to keep up the walking now I am back home. :-D

  • I'll keep my fingers crossed for your weigh-in, but normally any holiday weight gain is soon lost again :)

    My legs are always white, because they never see the light of day! :D

    Yup, keep up that walking, even if it requires an extra layer of clothing! :D

  • Hi 20voices - how did you get on at the weekend? Any kms clocked up for Sat and Sun?

    :) :)

  • Morning 8.5km for me today mainly walking round airport terminals - and a walk to the Trevi fountain just breathtaking xx

  • Lucky you! Enjoy!

  • Fantastic Prin, we're all green with envy! :)

  • Hope the weather is as good as I had last weekin Tenerife. :-D

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