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Put weight on first week of dieting


Hi there .

I am a week into my diet and I have put 2lb on :/

I am eating under 1500 calories and eating healthier!

What's happening !?!?

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This happens to me all the time, my weight goes up and down a lot, but if you follow the weight loss plan the weight WILL come off - mine typically is week 1 - 1/2 lb. on, , week 2 - same weight, week 3- 4 lb off 😊😊😊 - you are not alone!!! I am now over 2 stone lighter 😊

I'm thinking of not relying on the scales but if my clothes fit differently . But you post did make me feel better ! Also as it come off .

I also want to loose two stone how did you find it ? Did it take long ?

Steph_B in reply to frankishandy

If you stick to the calories it will come off trust me! I lost 3 stone in 5 months, and you do have some plateau weeks but just stick to it.!

Yes i agree it goes up and down first two weeks i had no weight loss...now ive lost a stone in six weeks..stick with it 1400 calories are fine....i go up to 1500 some days if im hungry ....it work you doing good....xx


Maybe water retention or hormones



I follow a plan through my local hospital, similar to the nhs12 week plan I think. I started out aiming for 5% in 8 weeks, then 10% in six months. I don't deprive myself, I have treats, but carefully watch calories and portion size. I also upped my exercise from zero to about 20-30 minutes a day. I don't rely on scales as they are so variable, but I am 2-3 dress sizes smaller, and feel sooooo much better. I even cope with holidays, Christmas etc without putting on weight. It's just a question of getting your head in the right place, if I knew how to do that I would be a millionaire!!!! Good luck 😊😊

You may be like me and find that your weight loss is a week behind your intake. Bet you finished off a few extras or had some treats you wouldn't be having when "dieting" before you started your healthy eating plan. Also, even just the average mug of coffee or tea weighs half a lb. So it could be anything like that. Keep going for another week and see what happens. Check that your height is what you think it is. Some of us add the odd inch to what we remember, or fail to remember that age often makes us shorter! Check that your kcal allowance is right for your actual amount of activity. It is worth weighing and measuring all your food servings and drinks, at least until you learn what your portion looks like. Check that your portions are what you think they are. Is your half a packet, the actual half? Finally, just keep going. There could be all sorts of reasons why you put on a half this week. Keep a written or photo record of what you are eating, so that you can review it if you need to. Good luck with your eating this week. And with your next weigh in.

Sorry, don't know why I thought it was half a lb when you said so clearly it was 2lbs. All my other suggestions still stand though.

I think it's a good idea to use cloths and tape as a measure as well as the scales as I find they do vary often, I can go up and down by 2-3lbs during the week (I know they say only weigh once a week but daily works for me, I only record weekly though).

Remember also that your body doesnt know it's "weigh-in" day so whilst we might have a set day and time that we focus on to see results, anything can be going on with your body that may not show a loss at the time, you may find the next day you have lost though.

Good luck this week

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