Yesterday I decided to not eat anything after 6.30 pm, having seen a programme recently that showed that the body turns food into fat more easily in the evening, so it is best to eat early on. Also it gives a long fasting window which is meant to be good for health. I know some other members do this as well.

It was surprisingly easy not to eat after 6.30 after putting my mind to it and I will try to do this again today.


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16 Replies

  • I'm trying it, though I'm a bit of night owl so 8.30 is my evening cut-off. I wait as long as possible in the morning, too, which I find easier than not nibbling in the evening.

  • I think we must have watched the same one! I'm having my meals closer together soon. Need to go to bed earlier though, for this to really work!

  • Yes, I'm trying to go to bed earlier as well so I'm not up all night snacking which has been a bad habit of mine often eating a big meal or takeaway quite late in the evening or snacking in front of the TV.

  • What time is your breakfast? Interesting as one dietician says not to eat after 7:00. As I only eat at 10.

  • I usually get up about 7 and eat soon after, usually eggs and toast or something else cooked. I'm thinking about getting some 'proper' porridge to try as well. I used to buy those instant porridge sachets that you put in the microwave for 2 mins but they didn't fill me up. I think they are made with processed oats not the whole oat.

    Do you mean don't eat breakfast after 7 am?

  • Sorry I don't eat dinner after 7:00 p.m. Interesting as I see a lot of posts hear that one should have a huge window well it seems like I do.

    It sounds like everyone is different as I can't eat before 10 and than lunch is 1. Someone once said oats with mashed banana and nuts it is so filling with cinnamon.

  • You have at least a 15 hour window then. Have you noticed any benefits from this or is it just something you've always done?

    Oats and banana with nuts sounds really nice.

  • Oats is yummy!

    Good question about 15 hour window I am loosing 2 lb a week. The truth is I try not to eat so late after 7. Something I just do. Now we are talking I tend to eat my son's snacks at 8. Now I know what you are all talking about 15 hour window!

  • Hi everyone

    Well done Corrine! Keep going!

    I have tried this to extend my fasting from about 13 to 15 hours to 16 hours. Even though I am being really strict (not one single calorie is consumed - so no milk or alcohol either), like you I have found this easy and actually am doing 17 or more hours. I have now almost done a week of 17 hours or more.

    I usually fast from 6pm to 11am, although sometimes have gone on until lunch time somewhere between 12.30 and 1.30.

    I have no idea if it would be better to eat earlier (e.g. before 10) but I do know for the entire morning my body will be tapping into my fat stores to power me! Also they said that the smaller the window for eating the better. I also read in the 5:2 fasting book that when fasting the body gets on with essential repair works, unhindered by having to digest. This makes me feel good too - leaving my body get on with stuff!!

    I notice on the Trust Me... programme they mentioned a 6pm-ish cut off (as the body stops expecting food) but were not specific about time you need to eat the next morning. I suppose if you can trust yourself not to overeat when you do eat the next day it shouldn't be a problem?

    Now I do not know if this is related but in the same week I did my firs 4 days my body fat % has dramatically dropped when my weight has held relatively constant and my fat % continues to drop each day at the moment. I am looking forward to seeing the results next Monday when I will have done almost another week.

    Keep updating us on your progress Corrine, I would love to know how you are getting on. x

  • Hi ascis

    Interesting that your body fat has dropped but not your weight. Have you been doing more exercise than usual?

    I only drank herbal tea and water last night but found it OK and think this is something I will be able to stick to. My main problem is that other members of my household often want to eat later than 6.30 so I will probably have to eat separately to stick to it. OH often cooks but usually a lot later.

    I know fastings meant to be good for the body in all sorts of ways. 16:8 is one pattern but there are lots of others. I tried 5:2 for a while but didn't stick to it. I think this was because I just didn't get into the habit of doing it, as the fast days weren't difficult. I do like this idea as a means of losing weight as it seems relatively easy - no calorie counting and able to eat what you want on non-fast days.

    Thanks for your support. I look forward to reading your results next Monday.

  • Well... it's complicated! I haven't done any exercise at all and even my steps have been very minimum. Last week was my second week off work. So although I changed my eating, my exercise has also dropped dramatically. So probably need a couple of weeks to draw any conclusion.

    I too tried the 5:2. I found a Monday good as I would have nothing all day then have a meal at about 8pm. But I found finding another day really tricky.

    This was works so much better for me fasting overnight.

    Good luck this week. 😊

  • Hi asics

    same with me for the 5:2, the first day was OK but fitting 2 days in seemed really difficult.

    Good luck to you as well:)

  • Hi Corrine1,

    I am also trying to extend my fasting window by not eating snacks after my evening meal - and I have been greatly motivated this week by Asics - so I am very pleased to see the results regarding Asic's fat percentages reducing. That is really great! My scales don't report that kind of information.

    My fasting window varies from 11 to 12 hours, as I eat breakfast relatively early - 7am or thereabouts. Weekends were something I needed to tackle, as I do like to eat a few more things during those evenings, but knowing that Asics had set a daily pledge not to eat during Saturday evening was really motivating - thank you Asics!

    Anyway, good luck with it, and hope you have a really good week. Would love to hear how you get on with it.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Hi Lowcal

    Its nice to know a few people are doing this and it is very motivating for me too. I have got scales that can record the fat % but need to work out how to do it! (not sure where the instructions are).

    Good luck to you to and all the best for the rest of the week.

  • Most of the time we eat around 5.30pm but now with the summer upon us and a hit wave for the last three days of 42 degree it has been hard. Tonight our meal was around 9pm. Very unusual for us. Lucky I had fish and salad including bean salad, very filling. Hopefully nothing will turn to fat 😩 If it does, well, never mind. I will go for a run tomorrow......

  • The TV programme which covered this is only available for 2 more days. It is on BBC iPlayer under Trust me I'm a doctor, Series 4 episode 2. Interesting info on saccharine too.

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