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End of week 4 - born without will power?!

End of week for and 1lb more down - it seems to be the norm at the moment but I'm sure I have larger losses in me, just need to knuckle down! I have a bit of a will power dilemma - I'm usually so good with my diet during the week - sticking to healthy eating and exercise but when it gets to the weekend, any will power I might have had disappears! Is it because I have more time on my hands? Or there are more things to tempt me?? So I'm challenging myself to stick with it this weekend, let's see what happens... if I feel the urge to go to the cupboard for crisps I'll do 20 sit ups instead!! (this remains to be seen..) ;-P

Start Weight: 13st 1lb

Week 1: 12st 12lb

Week 2: 12st 11lb

Week 3: 12st 10lb

Week 4: 12st 9lb

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Well done, you are on the right track - I like this idea of distraction tactics.

I am also an evening/weekend snacker. Maybe I'll do 20 mins hoola hooping whenever the munch urge strikes!!! :)


Sounds like a good idea! I'm not sure I could manage even 10 seconds of hoola hooping though!!


that is a good steady weight loss! if the diet is comfortable for you and fits in with your life and you are losing then great! you are more likely to sustain the weightloss

also if you have less to lose it comes off slower

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Thanks hydrogirl, that's what people keep telling me! I guess we're all after the quick fix but perhaps it just doesn't exist. I am happy with my progress so far but must and will try harder ;-P


If you find the weekend a priblem for snacking I find it helpful to either eat less during the week or cut snacks altogether! Also myfitnesspal keeps me on track.


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