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Advice and motivation please!!!!

Since starting university in September I have put on over a stone and have no motivation at all however, I am desperate to get back to my old weight! Does anyone have any good tips/tricks to losing weight by eating healthy and exercising?

I am absolutely useless at exercising but really need to get myself toned up and healthy!

Thanks guys :)

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Try walking indoors with Lesley Sansone only 30 mins. Its a video on the Tube. Im not one for lots of exercise but this is so simple and effective.


I feel your pain, I'm 2 stone heavier since starting my course. Uni life seems to involve lots of sitting. Get a pedometer, the cheap ones that clip on your belt or pocket are fine, and aim to do 10000 steps a day as a start. More if, like me, you use family sized bags of jelly beans to see you through essay writing!

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A student on my course has bought a portable crockpot from Lakeland and uses it to heat her lunch at uni every day.


Hi Emmiebarb,

Maybe you'd like to consider joining us in our Monday group weigh-in? It might give you some extra support and inspiration to lose the weight - as group support can be very motivating.

Last Monday's thread is here if you'd like to see if it's something you might like to be part of:


There will be a new post tomorrow - which I'll be posting before 7am - and there's another post for the Afternoon/Evening that is posted at midday.

It's not everyone's cup of tea, I realise, but it is well attended and I think it's a great group of enthusiastic people - they would make you feel welcome if you do decide to join us.

Whatever you do, I wish you success with your goals and hope you have a great week ahead.

Lowcal :-)

p.s. Regarding your queries about activities etc - maybe consider joining in some University clubs and trying out some activities that way - you might find something active which you really enjoy, and that will help you to tone up and get fitter. e.g. Badminton club, or running club, or table tennis, or tennis? The great thing about Uni is there will be lots of clubs to choose between and hopefully for relatively little expense.

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Hi Emmie, it sounds like the change of routine could be a major cause of the weight gain, best to do something now before an extra one stone turns to two etc.

All the tips and tricks, as you call them, are here on the site, start the 12 week plan, stick to it, and you will see results straight away, in addition the members on the site are fantastic in encouraging you as well as giving ideas to change your eating habits etc.

You need the motivation to change as much as anything, good luck come and join us!!

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