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End of Week 3

Another 1lb loss this week - it seems to be slow going at the moment....

My weight has fluctuated over the years but I have found that between 12st 5 and 12st 10 I seem to hit a stumbling block which seems impossible to push past... even though I would ideally like to loose 2 more stone.

As my diet is pretty healthy and has been for the last few years, I know exercise is probably the answer. I've upped netball to twice a week now so hopefully that should improve things but i often exercise more or less, depending on the game.... I know I should try something else... any ideas? High cardio but still fun and takes my mind off it actually being exercise.

I probably also need my boyfriend to stop tempting me with chocolate in the evenings!!! ;-P

Start Weight: 13st 1lb

Week 1: 12st 12lb

Week 2: 12st 11lb

Week 3: 12st 10lb

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Hi Sd33,

Fantastic progress, and hope you're enjoying it. Congratulations on losing 1 pound this week, and to having lost a total of 5 pounds since you started. Really great! :-)

The Netball sounds fun - what position do you play? Hope your team has some great games, and I'm sure you'll be getting fitter with that extra practice and games.

Wishing you another great week ahead.

Lowcal :-)


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