Around the world in 80 Days - Please post your kms/steps/miles for Monday 25 January (Part 1)

Around the world in 80 Days - Please post your kms/steps/miles for Monday 25 January (Part 1)

Dear Travellers,

We are now on Day 31 of our voyage around the world.

After a hectic weekend of travelling down the west coast of Thailand, a crazy detour night in Bangkok and climbing those towers in KL, the steamer has arrived in Koh Samui off the east coast of Thailand.

Welcome to your palm tree and your hammock - what a way to spend a Monday! Books, sun cream, hat, sunglasses, snorkel gear and your favourite cocktail awaits you.

The weekly stats for last week are phenomenal. To get around the world in 80 days, we need to achieve 501 kms per day or 3507 per week. What we ended up achieving was on average 595kms per day and 4169.46kms for the week. With the extra kms in the suitcase, I have some day trips planned. You will definitely love all of these and not too much of a detour before we reach Hongkong.

The stats below are for the travellers that checked in every single day last week and achieved a daily average of 10ks and above.

Travellers that achieved 10ks

Kars 10.47

Keep-on 10.21

Keep-on-Going 10.92

Lucca 10.36

StephB 10.16

Travellers that achieved 11ks

Trafford 11.19

Rainshine 11.74

Flossie 11.44

NickyNoo 11.68

JayseeSkinny 11.88

Travellers that achieved 12ks and 13ks

Gonti 12.77

LottoLose 13.34

Darrenchef 13.47

Florence 13.55

Travellers that achieved 16ks or more

Moreless 16.64

Lexi 20.96

Jog-on 23.37

Prin 25.13

And for everyone else (including me) well done for sticking with the challenge and not giving up. You will be thankful you didn't. It probably doesn't feel that way right now and you want to do much more. But you are not in competition with anyone - this is your very special journey. As long as keep on moving and don't stand still then you are making progress.

Please post your kms/steps/miles for Monday 25 January.

Happy Travels everyone :) :) :)

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65 Replies

  • 3 1/2 miles today : )

  • Good work MR :)

  • Had a little too much sun/heat here over the last week or so and tonight it's raining :)

    It sounds beautiful, not too heavy but certainly sending down the millimetres. Loving it!

    Having an early night so I can lay in bed and relax just listening to the rain falling. The temperature has dropped and I can hear thunder in the distance. Wonderful.

    I clocked up all of 2kms today Monday 25th January.

  • QD - are you in Oz? Given the amount of extra kms we are clocking up, I've decided we are going to take a hot air balloon to Alice Springs and climb Ayers Rock. We will be there on Saturday.

  • Woohoo! Oz on saturday! Qd, You'd better be there to meet us :D

  • We'll crank up the bbq :)

  • Fantastic! I can't wait! :)

  • Yes in Queensland. I've not been to Ayers rock, I'm not really one for the outback, BUT I would love to do a hot air balloon ride.

    Lived in UK until I was 16 then the 4 of us (mum, dad, brother & I) moved to Oz.

  • Wow. I was born in Melbourne but came to uk when I was 2 1/2... I would love to go air ballooning to Ayers Rock, I went from Bristol Balloon festival last year and loved it! All back to QD's for a barbie after 😉🎉👍🏻

  • Yes indeed, barbie at our place. Shopping today for the sausages bacon & steak and we'll be making lots of salads & potato bake. Hope yous all like trifle & cheesecake :)

  • Ahhh - what a lovely relaxing time :-)

    Posting a bit early today as I've done my kms for the day and am going to be a bit busy later and tomorrow...

    Running - 9.5k and dog walk - 5.3k = 14.8k :-)

  • Wow Lucca! That's impressive considering how early it is!! I would say you've already been busy!! :)

  • Only 3.96km today - but have a gym date at 7.30 in the morning ☺️

  • Ooh, that sounds serious Gill! :) All K's are good K's :)

  • Koh sumi - lovely - snorkelling for me followed by cocktails.

    1.5k for me today

  • Well done Suzy :)

  • Hello Everyone, my kms today are 1.59. Hope everyone is enjoying the hammock,

  • Oh yes Marianne, this is the life :)

    Good number :)

  • Good job I'm wearing a bikini, cos it's hellish difficult drinking a mai tai lying on a hammock! :D :D

    Scores today are

    Cycling - 16.2K

    Rowing - 0.8K

    Total - 17K

    Could someone put some suncream on my back please? :)

  • Roll over and i'll do it ......

  • You're a star! :)

  • Wow Moreless, what great results - great to see the rowing in your total too. Hope you enjoyed it. :-)

  • The rowing is quite a struggle for me Lowcal, but practice makes perfect! :)

  • You'll definitely get better with practice. :-)

  • Let's hope so! :)

  • See your rowing increased from 0.3 to 0.8 - well done:)

  • Excellent moreless I see from reading an earlier post you have now got yourself a new rowing machine (cool) very well done for every single km kicked you rock :-)

  • 6.6 miles today

  • Good show K_o_g :)

  • 2.6kms on this unusually mild Monday - it must be those tropical breezes!

  • Wish I could say the same was true here Saga! :o

    Well done for your numbers :)

  • Hi Lizzy, Moreless & Everyone,

    My results for today (Monday 25th January 2016) are as follows:

    Walking 8.75 kms

    Lowcal :-)

  • Great numbers there Lowcal your already back in the swing of things :-)

  • Lowcal, I must apologise for having a blow-out of my observation skills and completely missing your post :(

    Great number though :)

  • saturday 5483 steps and today monday only 7km

  • Well done prettylady, sorry to be so late replying :)

  • Pina colada ordered so now to business. 17387 steps today, that's 11.6kms according to my trusty pedometer. Off now to swing in my hammock!

  • Wow Bu-dog, that was fantastic, sorry for my late reply :)

  • A while since I have Been in koh Sami. Something like 20 years.

    6 km cross trainer 3.7 treadmill

  • Great numbers Aqua, I wish I still had my cross trainer. I blew it up by accident LOL

  • Great numbers Aqua :)

    I was wondering how I could have missed so many people and now I know, my replies have vanished! :(

  • 12 km to report today. Legs a bit sore from all those steps yesterday in Kuala Lumpur but so pleased we got to the top. It was a bit embarrassing the way the others had to push me up the last few flights though. Will have to get better at stairs. The Koh Samui cocktails are just perfect today.

  • JC, I'm so sorry, but my reply to you seems to have vanished! Fantastic number! :)

  • posting for sunday 8792 steps .

  • hi Skinny Lizzie - do you have stats for Fri and Sat as well?

  • 5870 for fri and 3927 for sat

  • Well done Lizzie :)

  • 3.2 km today, at least I am keeping going now! I think a relaxing hour or so in the hammock would be good as I need to get warmed up !!

  • Well done Britdiane, sorry for the late reply :)

  • That is me today - in a hammock! I needed a rest from the gym today, so only clocked up 4.93Kms out walking.

  • Well done LtL, sorry for the late reply :)

  • A total of 14.5k for me today :)

  • This will be my 3rd attempt to reply to you RAF_girl, I just don't know what's going on with the site! 2 replies have vanished! :(

    14.5K is a brilliant number! Wtg you! :)

  • After the stats my 2km seem so little

  • Your average daily stats for last week were 5.03kms. This is an increase of 1 kms compared to last week. Remember you're not in competition with the other travellers 😃😃

  • Oh wow! Haven't we all done well! Im amazed to see my name up there in lights with the Stars, as well. All in all, today has been a fabulous day with you all, enjoying a laze on the hammock 😀... Oh dear! Today's total doesn't match up to last week's figures.... 6.7km walking and a very important 26 X 25m lengths swimming oh my goodness I'm thrilled to be able to swim albeit slooowwwly! Hmmm do I have to get out of this hammock? Hmmmm....

  • I'm afraid my reply to you is extremely tardy rainshine. I'm not sure if I've missed people, or my replies have vanished, but your posts seem very familiar. My apologies anyway.

    Well done with the swimming, it's a loooooong time since I clocked up any laps - about 30 odd years I reckon :D

    You're a star for getting your name in lights and you've got plenty of time to make sure you do it again :)

  • Hi moreless, thank you- I am not offended, I know you have a heap on your plate (oh wrong thing to think of! ooops!). I'm still trying to cope with having bought a brand new pair of size 14 jeans and fitting them. I mean, fitting them without having to lie on the bed and deploy a wire coathanger to get the zip up. and strangely I have been feeling hungry ever since. Can't figure it out, if I weigh in on a Monday morning and I've done well I instantly break out in a rash of uncontrolled snacking. Perhaps I need to stay in the hammock then I wont be able to reach any snacks!

    Meantime unfortunately the weather and my aches and gremlins and work have curtailed my kilometres. I'm still thrilled to have swum again! :)

  • What a thrill to be in the size 14 jeans! I have some in my wardrobe waiting for me, but I've got a good few months before they fit me :)

    Look after yourself :)

  • Exactly 12km for me today. Feeling pleased with that because I was a bit under the weather today. I'm sure the sunshine will revive me.

  • Woohoo henlady, that was fantastic! So sorry to have taken so long to reply to you :)

  • Hi moreless. Really don't expect replies! You do an amazing job of running thus challenge.

  • I like to reply to everyone henlady, I feel it's the least I can do when travellers have put so much time and energy into clocking up the K's and posting their successes :)

    It's FizzyLiz that does all the hard work with the challenge, I just do the yapping, which comes easy to me ;)

  • 9km for today. This challenge has certainly got me moving.

  • I've just found you again henlady! You certainly have been moving! Well done :)

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