Comfort eating!

Seem to be in need of comfort food the last couple of days think its because after last weeks bug I now have a cold and seem to be looking for yummies to eat all the time !!

Hoping that its not just me I know I haven`t put weight on as I have amazing new scales and love getting on them each morning just because they are so fun ! sad I know :-)

Think after last two days I will just maintain this week which is not clever maintaining at 17.7!!

I do find posting helpful and takes me away from the kitchen!! :-)


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17 Replies

  • I think we all look for comfort food when we're under the weather MM, it's probably a throwback to childhood, when we were tempted by, or treated to tasty little delicacies :)

    You've made the right move by coming on here and distracting yourself :)

  • Thank you moreless you are always right there when I need you !!! :-)

    You have a lot of willpower too so I am going to borrow some!!! I promise to give it back!! :-)


  • I'll be very happy to share with you MM :)

  • Hee thank you moreless!!! :-) how are you ???

  • I'm back to my old self thanks :)

    I'm just going to do my last stint on my bike and then I'll be available as a diversion tactic :D

  • Thats such good news hun :-) enjoy your cycle imagine the beautiful scenery as you pedal those miles away!! :-)

    I am going to have a long bath, a low cal hot choc and a little read to take my mind off food!! ;-)

  • I've done my cycling for the day - can't wait to actually be able to take it outside again! :)

    I hope you're thoroughly enjoying your soak and that all those nasty cravings wash down the plughole with the bath water :)

  • I had a lovely soak ml` and then put on a scary film and scoffed 4 clementines so by some miracle lost a pound!! yeyy :-) thank you for your distraction and support!!

  • Yaaay! It all worked! Well done you for having the good sense to log on! :)

  • Have you had a good week moreless as i am trying to follow in your footsteps!! havent had much chance to read the weigh in yet xx

  • The morning one !!:-)

  • I've had a great week thanks MM, I lost 4.75lbs for a 20 week total of 49.5lbs! Woohoo! :)

  • That is truly amazing moreless I am so so thrilled for you , wow go girl your last cycle last night really paid off , that is such an incredible consistent loss. You really are an inspiration! :-) :-) :-)

    You must be feeling so on top of the world!! xxxx

  • Thanks MM, I must be doing something right! :)

    I feel like a million dollars! :)

  • You should you have so earnt it moreless ! :-) huge congrats :-)

  • Thank you so much MM :)

  • I find it very difficult to lose weight when I am ill, but you are doing well in keeping focussed and posting on here. You will lose next week, I am sure!

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