Nutri bullet

I treated myself to a nutribullet, am really enjoying it. Made a few green ninjas lol...( pineapple, mango, spinach, kale , ice cubes) really tasty...made a few smoothies for breakfast too, usually I like to 'eat' a breakfast but thought I'd see how I'd get on with a smoothie, I did wonder if I'd be hungry quicker but I wasn't. What do you make in yours?


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17 Replies

  • I don't use juices personally as id prefer to eat the whole fruit. Isn't it a lot of calories just in one drink ?

  • Hey I've seen that nutribullet and thought it looked a handy portion size!

    Because it's a smoothie then you get the benefits of the whole fruit or veg too! I used to have smoothies when was doing more weight lifting and had protein powder milk and fruit but if your target is weightloss sticking to more veg based ones are probably best - as you look like you have been doing


  • We have just bought one, waiting for it to be delivered, can't wait. Will be trying recipes that are more veg then fruit so you get the fibre but not too much sugar.

  • I have one and a long as you don't overdo the fruit it is great. Kale or Spinach whole fruit (be careful with some seeds like apple cherry etc) I also use my protein shake or flax seed but you can add nuts or other ' boosts '. The good thing is you get the whole fruit. Pomegranete is great but can be a little 'gritty' but you can throw everypart in apart from the outer skin.

  • I was in Sainsburys only yesterday umming and ahhing over a nutribullet - mainly because I was looking for something that would process nuts quite easily, as well as doing soups etc. In the end I couldn't quite justify it to myself and went for the £20 Tefal blender instead !!

  • I also have nutribullet, it's my new best friend (along with guilt!). I find chucking few nuts in mine gives me that protein fix to keep me going that little bit longer. Also a nice one to try is spinach banana porridge oats (30g) and almond milk. It's a bit thicker than your average smoothie but really satisfying.

    You can make your own peanut butter with the milling blade using almonds or cashew nuts which is nice for a little treat. I love to know what's going in mine and my children's bodies rather than chemicals and hormones so you can really make use of your nutribullet. Look online for recipes, they are everywhere.

    Frozen fruit salad (tesco value one! Really nice) made with oranges... Zingy! The list is endless. Good luck!

  • Yes - it was the nut processing that I was thinking of. But I decided that I could buy an awful lot of pre-made nut butter for the price of a nutribullet !! :-) I can just about manage to process nuts fine enough for energy bars etc in our food processor.

    And presumably a nutribullet won't just blend a soup will it ?

  • It leaves everything super fine, it's struggles a little with blackberry pips and I always take pips from fruit off before going (Apple/pears) I put nuts, flax seeds, pumpkin sunflower all sorts in there and always comes out lively and smooth. You should try frozen banana in it too. Turns it into icecream and only has banana so quilt free! 🍌

  • I have a nutribullet!

    After watching various youtube videos and reading reviews I decided I couldn't live another day without one

    So I got it for Christmas

    Though now that I have it, I find I am too lazy to go buy things for recipes described as 'anti-aging' / 'cancer fighting' etc

    So far I tried spinach, seeds & orange - for some reason it always comes out like a dark green sludge - not the light green wonders from the pictures

    I do plan to make more effort though - there is a breakfast recipe from Jonathan Bailor as part of his SANE eating

    (1 cup light coconut milk, 4 cups spinach, 1 small avocado, 2/3 cup whey powder, 1 cup frozen strawberries, 1 cup boiling water)

    I hate using cups as a measurement, but plan to try this at some point, probably without the boiling water or so much spinach - don't fancy more alarming green poo lol

  • I never measure, I chuck a good handful of spinach in the bottom of the cup, squeeze as much fruit and veg in and top the liquid up to max line with your choice of fluid. Almond milk is lovely and coconut water. Just chuck it in there!!

  • I've not got one , but I do remember a study on some bbc programme last year where they looked at eaten food v the same foods made into a soup.

    It was proven that the 'soup' mix people stayed fuller, longer so you might have something there !! 😃


  • Sounds yummy Tessa, I've been thinking about getting one but really need to make room with all of the other gadgets I have in the kitchen. I have a friend who uses all the time for breakfast and finds it really filling but I was a bit concerned about two many calories. I've heard that Waitrose do a frozen smoothie mix if you are stuck for ideas and this gives you all the content info. Good luck :)

  • You definitely have to be aware of the amount of fruit you are putting into your Nutribullet or any other juicer/blender for that matter. Apparently dentists don't like them because the acid in the fruit affects the teeth.

    I do like some smoothies but I would not use them as part of my weightloss programme, I prefer to eat proper food and all the fibre as it comes naturally.

  • If I am making a something like that (not often I'll admit) I tend to use something like almond / coconut milk as a base and add in smaller amounts of fruit (i.e. just half a banana and handful of berries) - along with other yummy stuff like some kind of nut butters etc. Reduces the sugar content to an acceptable level for me, and turns out more like a frothy, fruity milkshake !! :-)

  • My favourite nutribullet is:

    2 handfuls of Kale 49 cals

    small orange 49 cals

    small banana 89

    1/4 melon 28 cals

    small apple 52 cals

    Taste = super

    calories = 267

    I normally have this at about 9:00 and got to admit feel hungry around 10:30 but goes away and normally have lunch at 12:00.

    I use it 3 times a week and feel its doing me some good. Maybe placebo but we all know that placebos work!

  • Thanks all for your comments. I intend to use more veg than fruit in I popped in a few frozen raspberries, 0% fat organic natural yoghurt...just a couple spoonfuls and.....packed in spinach lol....was sharp and tasty...didn't add sweetness at all...liked it....

  • I bought a nutri ninja after Xmas and so far my favourite smoothie is a Deliciously Ella one which consists of:

    1 banana

    2 handfuls frozen raspberries

    Big handful spinach

    3 tablespoons Porridge oats

    1 tablespoon hemp powder

    2 pitted medjool dates

    1 tablespoon chia seeds

    Top up with almond milk

    It's lovely and the porridge makes it really filling!

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