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I find it v hard to stick to 1500 calories! I eat quite healthily & am making portions smaller. Just seem to need carbs otherwise have low energy, or can't sleep! Am trying to avoid refined carbs like pasta, bread etc (because have read that they encourage insulin resistance) but don't know what to have instead (getting fed up with rice cakes). Any thoughts or advice would be welcome.

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Go for low GI carbs, such as brown or basmati rice, sweet potatoes, quinoa, oats.

If you're going to reduce your carbs, then you need to up your intake of natural fat to compensate eg butter, cream, lard, dripping, olive oil, coconut oil.


Hi im new here but i find eating protein with every meal helps me feel fuller and eat less. While fats are important i have to be careful with cholesterol. Try a few almonds; they are full of protein, vitamins and healthy fats ☺


Rice cakes are not going to fill you up and you can eat pasta and bread just opt for the whole wheat kind and brown rice or sweet potatoes they are all good carbs which should be included in your daily diet. If you ate them before I wouldn't suggest cutting them just change the type you eat. You don't want to make to many changes to start with as this may set you up to fail and none of us want to see that. We want to hear that you have succeeded in reaching your goals the right way.

Good luck making the right choices and wish you a successful journey


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