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Gym induction booked !

I am booked for Gym show round in morning.... My headcold gone ( nearly ) but passed onto my Son.. so keeping fit running round after young male with

'Man Flu !'... In his defence, he is poorly...

Nana on duty last night so I could pop out to 50th birthday party - with buffett.

Proud to say, I opted for sliced cooked lean meats, rice, couscous and carrot sticks ! No fatty sauces... but my triumph was resisting ALL 5 of the desserts on offer! Normally I would have had a sweet but I was in control 💪. As I cannot drink alcohol due to health issues, soda water is my choice of tipple with ice and a slice. Soft drinks loaded with sugar so I don't drink them.... Feel good this morning. Might see if I can nip out for a swim in a bit... Good luck everyone for today

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Well done on the buffet - always a dangerous beast to navigate!!

Have you got a pedometer such as Fitbit to record your steps. Its a great motivator.


No Lizzy

Thanks for info I'll check them out..


Wow you made some really great choices at that buffet, well done you :-)

Great to hear that you had a gym induction and I hope all went well with that. How did you get on ?


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