Heard something on the radio a couple of days ago. Studies by scientists have shown that getting weighed daily is more effective than weekly or more when trying to lose weight. I have heard this before. I get weighed every day and it definitely helps me keep control of my weight and diet. It instantly shows any bad days and motivates me to be a little stricter to lose any weight gained. I have been doing this now for over 18 months and with 8 stone down it certainly works for me. I have been maintaining now for the last few months and I find it a brilliant way to keep in control and prevent me putting anything back on .other than the odd few pounds after a blow out like Christmas or celebrations. I just deal with it straight away so the odd blow out doesn't turn into a week long blow out.

Wondered what others thought.


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12 Replies

  • I weigh every day (and log into a spreadsheet !) - for me personally it works a lot better. I'm much more motivated by seeing the daily changes and can spot straight away if I'm going astray (particularly as I don't really calorie count anymore). I would hate to think I'm having a good week and be disappointed at the end of it. I also find that by daily weighing I recognise any monthly fluctuations and can now ignore them without stress ! Like you it's also taught me to realise that a quick gain (i.e. over Christmas) can turn into a quick loss, as long as it's dealt with straight away :-)

  • An interesting listen, makes you think.

  • I weigh in most week days, I agree and its what ever works for you

  • I weigh every day as it keeps me in control, am happy to accept the daily changes especially since I follow the 5:2 diet, but if I don't weigh, it seems my brian thinks I can eat what I like!

  • I know that I woukd get too obcessed if I weighed everyday.once a week is enough for me.

  • I like to weigh every day when I'm being health conscious. Its when I don't bother weighing every day that the weight creeps up on me.

  • Hi Andy,

    Very interesting, your post has given me something to ponder. I usually only weigh myself once a week, no real reason for that other than I guess I've read that's the way to do it but I can see from your post and from what others have said, that there may well be a very good argument for checking daily. Hmm may well give it a try next week.

    Thank you.

  • Really interesting post- thanks Andy- I only started my journey on new years day and for the first couple of days i didnt weigh myself and looking back i seemed to be detached from the daily impact of my eating and exercise on my body weight- yet when i did weigh myself on day 3 it made me feel a connection between my food and exercise and the number on the scales and i felt very positive. So each day since i've weighed myself and i feel much more connected to myself and the little things i'm doing each day and how they affect the number on the scales.

    However... today i weighed myself and i'd gained a pound and for a split second i felt a bit deflated but then i reminded myself that i had a pounding headache because i was dehydrated last night and that my body will hold onto water when its not readily available- so for me as long as i keep my scientific/logical head "on" and dont let my emotions run away with all the negative nonsense if i dont get the result i want, then weighing daily is a success for me as it then gives me that day to rectify the problem instead of being detached from my weight for 7 days because if i'd got this result on my weekly weigh day i'd be pretty disappointed, but now i see it as a blip due to lack of water so i rectified the problem straight away by drinking a litre of water and then going for my gym workout.

    I'm pro daily weighing- it keeps me in-touch with myself- but i guess it wouldnt work for everyone- but that said i do think it might be more effective to measure weight, water and muscle so you get a better overall picture of natural fluctuations.

    Thanks for a great post Andy (sorry my reply's a bit long!) : )

  • I think you make a really good point and that's something I've found - weighing everyday means I really build up a picture of how weight does fluctuate daily, and once I've grasped that, a day on the scales with an increase doesn't bother me so much, so long as the overall trend is down ! You do need to keep the logical head on though :-)

  • Exactly right. I don't get worried about odd pound up as long as generally going down or maintaining.

  • I agree with the daily weighing, have done it for 8 years some of you may have seen my graph, but it definitely shows the overall trend , now today I stayed the same but have been going down quarter pound each day for last 8 weeks. I was disappointed I hadn't gone down that little bit but it has made me even more conscious of what I have eaten today, so hoping it will go down tomorrow. If I didn't know that and was waiting a week I might have thought ,well I' ll just have something extra that wont do any damage, eg yesterday was someone's birthday, people said just have a little bit but I didn't and had satsuma instead so very glad I didn't today. I go everywhere with a satsuma they are easy to peel and transport in handbag!

  • great to have lost so much- I think daily sounds good Thank you

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