The day before Christmas day

The day before Christmas day

Decided on the lighter calorie option today with smoked haddock fillet half cup of bulgar wheat and a nice fresh salad. Today with porridge for breakfast scrambled egg on brown toast lunch and just 3 chocs LOL so having a low calorie day in preparation for tomorrow which will be heavier.

Feeling less guilty today and done 2 hours 6 mins of exercise today in the hope I don't gain weight over Christmas. Is everyone being good today ???


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24 Replies

  • Until the fish pie is cooked.

  • Looks like we are both taking the sensible option of eating fish the day before Christmas nice and light :-)

  • I don't eat meat so I will be having fish tomorrow too. 😃

  • Wow that's really cool. If I only ate fish then it would have to be trout on Christmas day for me :-) I do love fish

  • I have a fish kettle so the whole salmon I bought from the fish market this morning is going in with herbs and wine.

  • Now that sounds delish :-)

    Bellissimo x

  • Thanks for teaching me fish with wine! Delicious! :)

  • I managed a 4 mile run and a 3 mile walk so feeling nicely tired now.

    I ate a bowl of Shreddies for breakfast and then couldn't think of what to have for lunch so just had the same again... We've got bolognese tonight with 5% fat mince.

    What sort of exercise do you do Trafford?

  • Have to say, that piece of fish looks great! I love haddock.

  • It does look nice and was very tasty as well :-) I season with dunn's river fish seasoning and all purpose then bake with peppers and sliced tomatoes in the oven.

  • That is brilliant Keep_on_going I am impressed with dedication with a 4 mile run and 3 mile walk today. I too did a run 6 km and walked 3.4 km today and am not nicely tired yet as I am off work and had a nap in between. Now full of energy so going to do some strength exercise in a bit. Got to keep burning today and tomorrow morning I plan and fitting in some more exercise.

    I love Shreddies as well they are very nice and I like your idea of having them for lunch followed by bolognese with only 5 % fat your day has been good all round. You should be very pleased hun :-)

    Together we can do this, we are doing this and we will succeed :-)

  • Now you are making me jealous a 4 mile run right I better clean up the place tonight like this tomorrow I can go running in the park and that way I will not eat all the goodies! :)

  • Hi Trafford,

    I'd like to say I was being good but if I lie Santa won't come! My hubby is only off today and tomorrow so I'll be good boxing day.

    I've been to the cinema so we missed lunch but made up for it by eating a large back of caramel popcorn and just eaten my first xmas chocolate.

    We are having pizzas for tea - not going overboard though.

    Well done for squeezing in all that exercise.

    Happy Christmas :)

  • Hi sueper it sounds like you have had a lovely day today and it's always nice to spend that quality time together making those lasting memories. I hope you enjoyed your movie :-)

    I have had 3 chocies today so I did better then yesterday and the day before, but 'it's aloud' I say and we can all worry about our waist line after Christmas is all said and done. Went for the lighter options today though cause tomorrow....well it's going to be heaven on a plate with those lovely roast potatoes roasted pork and sprouts along with cauliflower cheese ummmm I can almost taste it already.

    I have to keep burning with the exercise though as this is what will hopefully see me through :-) enjoy your pizza I think I will be ordering one of those over Christmas too hun x

    Have a wonderful, relaxing and enjoyable Christmas you and your family :-)

  • It looks yumm! Thanks for reminding me smoked haddock I love it but haven't had it in ages! :) You are giving me good ideas! I will leave out egg due to endo and toast can't have that either not!

  • Oh how we love fish and I love smoked haddock as it has a really nice flavour and texture and you don't have to season it, but I season all my fish with just the two ingredients mentioned earlier. It was delightful light and low which is just what we need us lot :-)

    Glad I reminded you hun :-)


  • Enjoy your chocolates as I am forbidden to have! :) I love choco I guess I just have to eat healthy until I clear up this Thrush! and than I can have a little bit yumm! ;)

  • Forbidden oh you poor thing :-( at this time of year as well

    I hope nothing else is, but it could be to your benefit whilst the rest of us fill on chocolates tomorrow you could be losing lbs so maybe it's a good thing ay

  • Yes it is a good sign can't eat yeas, dairy, eggs, red meat. Everything is for the best! :)

  • You've already lost as well so your onto a winner there hun :-)

  • That looks yummy Trafford, I like smoked haddock too. I had vegetable curry today in preparation for the meat overload tomorrow and Saturday :)

    I've been very naughty re exercise though, I'm seriously missing my bike, because it was so easy to just hop on and do 10 mins, while something was in the oven, or the washing was rinsing etc. I just haven't managed to free up enough time to get out.

    Hoping to rectify that when Christmas is over.

  • I'm have really enjoyed eating different types of fish this yr it's been a wonderful experience with so much to choose from. I'm so looking forward to my dinner tomorrow, the only down side is I have to cook it lol.

    It's such a shame about the bike hun, but on the bright side its been there for you in 2015 and now we move into a new yr you can go from inside to outside and go on some new adventures. We have a pennine trail which goes on for miles and its brutal but fun and I love riding out doors so thats why its good we are going to be pushing each other come new yrs. Enjoy all that tommorow has to offer I know I will, best wishes x

  • We've got miles of old railway lines that have been converted into cycle paths, up to now I've only been able to walk them, but I'm really looking forward to being able to cycle them :)

    Thanks Trafford, we shall both have a lovely day :) xx

  • That sounds so cool hun you have all those kms just waiting for you in your future, it's gonna be so much fun x thank you

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