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Not an inch lost!

I have been mostly as good as gold for a couple of weeks now - during the house move I lost my scales (don't ask - I also lost ALL my Christmas decorations 😠) so I measured my waist with a dressmakers tape measure as I figured at least it'll give me some idea and really I am more bothered about inches than numbers on the scale. Two weeks and no change in measurement!

Anyhoo....I've been running three times a week, and dog walking every day. I've been calorie counting and only gone significantly over once when it was a four course formal dinner and it was GOOD. But surely this one day where I came in at 1800 cal rather then 1200 can't sabotage two weeks work can it? Or am I totally deluded.....

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1200 seems very low are you sure you are eating enough? Metabolism is a weird thing.


I'm basically just following My Fitness Pal to be honest - I've got 5 - 7lb to lose and in order to lose 1lb a week that's the calculation it came up with - I originally wanted to lose 2lb a week (miss impatient) but even then it still said 1200 call as it won't go any lower and I wouldn't want it to. So I am not too sure. I know that when I eat 1500 cal consistently a day I slowly gain weight which is what's happened this summer. It's very confusing - I did the sums on an online calculator and it said my body requires 1350 to maintain. My mind is a bit blown. I am 5ft 4 and about 9st x


I'm also 95% vegan and very much about cooking fresh and non processed food so I really don't know why these last few lbs won't shift 😕


bodies can hit plateaus, the answer can be by increasing cals by 100, ride it out, have a few intense work outs or change the diet i.e. no carbs at all for a week or something

also the weight and inches may not show for a few weeks since it seems that you don't have that much to lose

so I would advise to buy scales, weight and measure then change it up for a week and see what the results are

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Thanks! I live the idea of increasing by 100 calories 😃 I am going to get some scales today as I still haven't shed an inch according to the tape measure but I do feel different. Maybe I'll have a lovely surprise and feel all motivated again 😊 I am also taking on board the idea of no cars for a week to shake things up. Thank you!


I'm afraid you'll just have to be patient, your body will eventually relent and lose the inches. I lost 1" off my wait in week one, then nothing for 8 weeks, then this week I've finally lost another 1". I run for 30 mins twice a week and 2-3 weight training down the gym. But despite the lack of loss of inches, my weight is going down and I'm now fitting into my old size 10 clothes. Do stick with it, it will be worth it in the end!


Thank you! Patience isn't my strong point haha. Wow waiting 8 weeks for inch loss! Well done for not losing motivation. Obviously at size ten you don't have much to lose either - do you think it's harder? When I first started losing weight it was quite immediate - now it's a real battle to the finish!


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