Been here awhile

Thought it was about time that I stopped lurking in the background, as I joined this forum back in May.

At my heaviest I was approaching 13st 11lbs and being only 5ft 3inches, which put me well into the obese BMI range. I had perhaps convinced myself that I was content with the situation, but looking back I wasn't very happy at all.

Last year I attended a school reunion and did not like the way I looked in the photos and maybe that was a sub conscious trigger to get healthy.

Fast forward to May this year I decided to get educated about food and started an online Nutition and Health course, it was during this that I had to complete a food diary for the first time and devise a healthy eating plan for myself. Although I wasn't looking for the course to help me lose weight, it made me take a cold, hard, honest look at what and I was putting into my body.

During the course I weighed myself for the first time in forever and was surprised to find that I weighed in at 12st 6.5lbs and started using MyFitnessPal to monitor my calorie intake.

Over the 5 months since I started, the weight has come off at a steady and consistent rate, but it hasn't always been plain sailing as I have a sweet tooth, am a crisp muncher and love cheese.

Happy to say that at my last weigh in I'm down to 10st 11.5lbs and I have been stuck at this for a couple of weigh ins now. So time reassess methinks and keep positive.

It's also nice to fit into smaller clothes again and I am able to get my wedding ring on again.

I've got a weight goal in mind of 9st 7lbs by the end of March 2016.

Apologies for the long post and thank you for reading.


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8 Replies

  • Well done. I love sucess stories.

  • Brilliant weight loss so far, you must have learnt a lot on your course. Your health living changes are the way forward for the rest of your life. I have found that it is very impowering to feel you are in control of your life.

    I hope your health continues to improve and you achieve all you want in your healthy living journey.

  • Well done, getting my wedding ring on after years of wearing a cheapie mans replacement one was a really great feeling :)

    Good luck with your goal.

    Kate x

  • Fabulous inspiring post 💐 Many congratulations on your fantastic achievement you must be feeling really good😃

    Life is always going to interfere with our good intentions but you sound like you've got it cracked, when fall by the wayside then just dust self down and carry on

    Fabulous 💋


  • That is so inspiring because my start weight was 13 10 and my dream dream is 9.7 when I was 25, I am now 66!! but still think I could be like a 25 year old. But today came back from xmas shopping had nothing nice to eat and went shopping for low calorie dinner and melon. difficult night tonight as we are in a concert with party afterwards so have added up all calories so far and have 200 to spare for mulled wine one glass, am now off gym to use up some more swimming to the north pole! well done you

  • Thank you everyone. Think my body has got used to the calorie and activity level and is rebelling, hence my plateau. Think some extra exercise might be in order this week on top of my weekday hour long walks on the school run.

    I particularly chose the 9st 7lb goal, as it was what I weighed when I left school 31 years ago. Also had it in the back of my mind because a dietician told me a few years ago that I'd never achieve it and I currently feel bloody minded enough to prove her wrong.

    Still got a little way to go 😁

  • We should all be grateful for the positive inlays we make. Weight issues are so hard to conquer

  • Well done, keep up the good work and keep us updated on progress.

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