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Changing what you eat can save the world

It's not just for your own health you should change your diet for. This is a great holistic view as to why we should start eating more healthily.


Again it's the same story that big corporations want you to eat that rubbish.

Less meat, less junk more plants.

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Whilst you may make some good points, I don't think I should have to compromise my health and what I eat for someone's ideals.

When it comes to having sufficient to feed everyone for instance, only population controls will eventually provide this.

Imagine it took a year for the human population to double. If the Earth was half full now, it would only take a year for the planet to be full. You might think that would give us a year to find another, equal sized planet to populate. However, in two years time that planet would be full as well.


I haven't made any points. Did you watch the link? The idea is that a healthy diet is also environmentally sound.

No one said anything about planets?


I have seen it before; it's from 2007.

What you call the 'idea' I referred to as points. Whilst feeding cattle soy in feedlot is detrimental, feeding them on their natural diet of grass isn't. You can argue we eat too much meat, however it is carbohydrate that is the only macro-nutrient that has increased in proportion over the last forty years, commensurate with the obesity epidemic.

Ultimately, whilst I agree that we need to eat whole-foods instead of processed junk, our large intestines are smaller than other great apes' because we evolved eating more calorie dense foods. Put another way, whilst most of what we eat should be plant based, most of our energy should not be derived from plants.


Yes, less meat, less junk more plants.


Also calorie dense food isn't a problem for most people on this forum. Or perhaps I should say it is the problem.


I just want to say you have a beautiful shiny nose and glossy coat; schwubadub!


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That makes more sense.


Becoming more in tune with our appetites/nutritional needs and less likely to impulse-buy junk food is a great start, and that's something that the weight-loss process can definitely help with :)


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