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No crisis, just lacking motivation

I've posted before when I've done daft things (diet wise, of course!) but nothing serious today, I've just got the Autumn/Winter blues. I feel like snuggling down, watching rubbish tv or reading and of course, SNACKING! just can't resist those cheese slices. I blame evolution - My body says eat to survive the Winter, not sure when you'll see your next mammoth! 🐂🐑 Although, I'm vegetarian!

Any suggestions to avoid the snacking?

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Hi ceriandblue I feel just like you and I think it's ok to snuggle down and watch tv when tired but you have to move to lose! So get out into that crisp/soggy autumn air and walk. Drink lots of water and keep to your calorie allowance and you will feel great for Xmas and hopefully a bit smaller too.


Snacking is a downfall for me. I trying really hard not to let myself eat anything while watching TV so hopefully eventually my brain will stop associated TV with snacks, and just curling up in front of the TV will be nice enough.


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