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I know in the morning I will have gained - probably undoing all of the previous weeks good work. I wanted to Wright this tonight so in the morning I can start with a positive mind set. My aim for November with hubby was to save money and lose seven pounds. Last Thursday we found out he was going from full time work to nothing. Luckily this Thursday he was offered a new and better job which he starts in the morning. Oddly the start of the week was good food wise.

It went down hill on Thursday as hubby wanted a celebratory McDonald's - ok so I had medium meal.

Friday - hubby by is in a minor car accident and I have to wait for him to be rescued at McDonald's! Then planned evening meal out but due to bad day justify alcohol and then pizza on the Saturday.

Sunday planned evening out with buffer so think what the shell for lunch and have a greasy lunch.

This would have normally been a really bad week let alone second week of a diet!

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Drink lots of water. Dust yourself off and start again. It was one bad week. We all have them xxxx


Have a stern talk with hubby. Tell him what you want to do, how important it is to you, to your health and to him too as you want to grow old together. You are too young to eat yourself to an early grave or becoming so unhealthy you can't have pleasure in life.

Ask him to support you. Ask him for 6 months of support. It is not too much really. By that time you may have fallen into a healthy routine, you will be a new woman, attractive and confident. If he is a good person, he will support you and help you out when you need it and try very hard to make sure you reach your goal.

You need someone who make sure you do not go to Macca or drink. As I say, ask for 6 months support. Good luck With this journey.

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Let your husband eat what he wants and if that forces you to have completely different meals then so be it. When we occasionally go to McDonalds I never have anything other than a white coffee. Not the latte or cappachino as the difference in calories is horrendous. I probably go to McDonalds at least 3 to 4 times a week with colleagues and again despite them eating muffins, cookies, breakfasts I never have anything to eat in almost 18 months.

When I started I told my partner that I would eat my own food but as the months have gone on my partner has started to eat the food I have and has lost weight as well.


I am not a fan of McDonalds (Understatement - kids only set foot in one when they are invited to a party there by someone else!) - however, we found ourselves at a loose end last year - hungry with an hour to kill before swimming lessons and I went with DH's suggestion that we eat there. Shock, horror - they actually do a very nice low cal chicken salad (may be other things) - and I think I remember everything was calorie counted so you could see what damage you were doing to yourself!

All in all, I'd now regard it as safer dieting territory than most other restaurants and cafes. Still a rip-off and guilty of endless irresponsible marketing of course.

But next time you find yourself forced in there try choosing something which will make you walk out with a clear conscience. It will leave a good taste in your mouth!

Good luck for this week - it's got to throw less at you than last week!


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