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Sad :-(

I started using the NHS Healthy eating 12 week planner back in April this year. Going to weight control classes is simply not for me full stop. I had 6 stone to lose to reach my target weight. By July I had lost 2 stone 2lb. I simply followed a healthy eating plan into my day and started walking everywhere all the time.

HOWEVER, I have seriously been a total pig over the last month. I am starting again today and feel like I am back at the beginning. Just feeling a bit down and I don`t want to step on the scales as it will just upset me even more.

When I am stressed I over eat and all the wrong things and feel like a fat greedy disgusting pig. Just fed up feeling sad and alone and thought I would join this wee forum to see if it helps.Good luck to everyone else....I know how hard it is.

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That's the same with me when I am stressed o drink a bottle of wine and eat all the wrong foods and I lost half a stone over 3 months and went on holiday for a week and put the half stone back on again

Then I gave up

Now I am 3 pound heavier than the half stone I lost

I put on over a stone due to stress

When I got terrible news

But the stress will pass

Then you will give your self more stress by weight gain it's not worth it


Hi Ollio,

Welcome to our wee forum :)

Sorry to hear you're feeling so down on yourself, but you've come to just the right place. Instead of feeling sad and alone, you can join up with dozens of others in the same boat, all with their own weight loss stories and journeys.

My advice is read as many of the old threads as possible, to give you an idea of what we're all about, paying particular attention to those entitled "Please Join us for a Monday Group weigh-in (followed by a date)". This is a weekly weigh in run by Lowcal (a really lovely member) and assisted by the Fab5 (also really lovely members) :)

Keep posting and answering posts, to keep you in the swing of things and to keep yourself motivated.

All the best for your own personal journey :)

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Hi Ollio,

I'm sorry to hear you're not doing so well.

I just thought I should share this with you; perhaps you may benefit from it.

True weight loss lies in this simple equation;


Look for a documentary named 'Hungry for Change' which will tell you more about how to effectively nourish your body which will automatically make you loose weight naturally.

Let me know How you get on.

All the best,

Maternity Nurse,



Thanks for that. I shall look into it and let you know.

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I was very interested in your post and the association of stress and diet. When I hit my target weight, I shall be giving up smoking and am already looking for any kinds of pitfalls I may have to avoid. Stress is certainly one of them.

I Googled "foods that cause stress" and got this list:

Tea, coffee, cocoa, energy drinks

Fast foods and takeaways

Butter, cheese

Meat and shellfish



Soda, soft drinks and chocolate drinks

Almonds, macadamias and other nuts

Coconut oil

Whether there's any truth in it, I don't know, but, most of the list seems pretty logical to me. I just thought it may be of interest to others.

Wishing you well x :)

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