Week 42

Hello to one and all today :-)

I have lost 1lb this week which is super cool. I have definitely put in the work this week, strength training has been going really well, been to the gym 3 times this week, been on 3 runs and done lot's of walking. I can't ever imagine being inactive. I just love being active and It gives me such a good feeling :-) I have to admit to you all that every morning when I get up I look at myself in the living room mirror and I love what I see and I am so PROUD and so HAPPY, I mean who wouldn't be.

Start weight 240 lbs

Today's weight 161 lbs

Total lost 79 lbs

I am off work for a whole week (YES!!!!) so can really concentrate on the exercise this week without work getting in the way so I plan to really step it up this week. I'm really excited!! love being off work cause it gives me more time to channel all that energy into me and my journey so no looking back shoulda, woulda, coulda, time to live in the moment and enjoy every bit of it! 10 whole days wooohooo....

Good luck to each and everyone on your journeys & have a great weekend :-)

Trafford1 x


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14 Replies

  • Yaaaaaay! You're a machine! :)

    Super motivated, super positive, super fit, super slim and super gorgeous! I want to be you! :)

    You're a force to be reckoned with and there's no stopping you now. Go you! :)

  • Hi moreless, how wonderful and positive your reply is and I thank you, thank you, thank YOU :-) Really means a lot to me and I love it :-)

  • Hi Trafford1,

    Congratulations to you for losing another pound this week, that is really great! Lovely that you're feeling so good, and enjoying the exercise and also your new slimmer figure. You sound very confident and happy, which is lovely to hear.

    I hope you have a lovely time this week enjoying your holiday - and that you do some nice things. I can't imagine how you'll be able to 'step things up' much more, as I know you already do quite a lot of exercise. I hope you'll also find some time for some relaxing things too - because it can be good to also relax and unwind too - you'll probably do that, but I just wanted to mention it, as you said "I can't ever imagine being inactive" - which made me wonder if you would also allow yourself time to chill and unwind inbetween your more strenuous activities. Balance helps achieve harmony - or at least that's the theory in some lifestyle choices that advocate yin and yan kind of stuff.

    I'm not criticising your plans, just saying that maybe some relaxation time would be beneficial in amongst your more active plans for the week. I'm sure you've already considered this. Most importantly, do whatever feels right for you.

    Thanks again for your lovely messages of yesterday. I always appreciate your support. I hope you'll have a great week ahead.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Good morning Lowcal and thank you for your lovely reply and I thank you for also reminding me to find time to relax during my time off work :-) Rest assured I will find time to relax amongst the busy schedule I have planned, if there is one thing I am good at it's finding the right balance that suits me and fits in with my lifestyle. I have lot's planned with the kids and visiting family and the main goal for me this week is for my son to learn how to ride his bike and I think he might just crack it this week so I'm really excited about that.

    I know I do a lot, but I genuinely do love being active. I will be finding some time to do some meditation as well which has also helped me on my journey :-)

    So again thank you for the reminder, I know you have my best interests at heart and I also want to return to work not exhausted but feeling refreshed so will ensure there is a balance between working hard and relaxing.

    Have a lovely weekend Lowcal, good luck for Monday and I will make sure that when I post on Monday that it goes through this time :-)

    Trafford1 x

  • Congratulations on your loss this week it's fantastic, love how much your enjoying being active. Great how you like what you see in the mirror just proves hard work pays off 😀 Enjoy your week off work

    Emma x

  • Thank you Emma-x- I do love working out everyday, I feel like a changed person and have definitely changed my life around for the better. Hard work does pay off and hope that this week I have off is full of rewards :-)

    Trafford1 x

  • Hi Trafford1,

    Fab post as always and congrats on another great week xx

    Just reading all your exercise makes me feel energised ( I'm on the sofa in my dressing gown and a cup of coffee!!!)

    Your positivity shines and too right for you to feel you proud of all you have achieved, you must be such a good role model for so many people around you😃

    It's really powerful to realise how good it is to be so active, for me it does help my mindset a walk can 'fix' most things😃

    hope you have a lovely weekend and enjoy every moment of your week off.


  • Hi flossie and thank you hun :-) you are spot on with the role model I have become for so many around me. My good positive vibes have been rubbing off on others and most people around me at work are watching my progress and even changing their eating habits which I find kinda funny sometimes, they have been asking for my motivation LOL I just say I can't give it to you it's something you have to find from within and there is no secret to this, but when you find 'IT' you'll transform yourself.

    Going to have a great week off work and fingers crossed I achieve the results I want this week which is to be 159 lbs arrrrr the 150's is just around the corner calling my name. I think I can do this, I really do :-)

    Here's to a good week full of positivity I feel energized just knowing I have 10 days off :-)

    Will certainly be having a lovely weekend and enjoying every moment of my holiday will find some time to relax and flossie I hope you have a wonderful weekend and a good week ahead xx

    Trafford1 x

  • Hi Trafford1,,

    You are so right, sometimes it just all clicks and change happens but not without hard work and determination😃

    Fingers crossed for the 150's I've got no doubt that you will reach it😃

    Enjoy all you do I know you will 😃😃😃


  • Go trafford, go trafford....... You is doin' good girl!! 😊

  • Thank you ShellieL, It's all happening and life is truly changing united we stand. Thank you for your support honey :-) xx

  • Congrats on another 1lb off trafford1, you're an absolute force, I'm another person who find you so inspiring and motivating. Your timely message yesterday morning got me out and running in the tiny amount of time I have before work now. I was feeling tired and it seemed so dark, but then I was checking HU and your post was there, reminding me how well I did a few weeks ago when I'd had a particularly good run and posted about it on the c25k forum. I love it when the forums cross over like this, because it's definitely all connected. The exercise really sets you up for the day in a positive frame of mind. I read you saying you want to step up your exercise next week, as you saying you really want to have some 'you' time, to work positively on your weight loss progress, and achieve the goal weight and figure you're aiming for. This sounds really positive, as long as yes you remember to relax, so you go back to work feeling refreshed rather than exhausted (!), and also look after your knees, as you mentioned they were feeling sore again. So take care, but also enjoy. Happy 10 days off :)

  • Lovin your positive vibes as always Ruth your an inspiration and always give such good advice and support and I thank you for that :-) It's really great that the forums cross over otherwise I wouldn't have known of your achievements and I am also happy that my timely response without even knowing it made a difference to your day. This week will be such a great week I'm going to relax a bit today going to visit the family and going out for a bite to eat then have a relaxing evening and get started tomorrow. Got some decorating to do in my daughters room as well this Sunday so that will all add to it. I will be having plenty of time to relax and that's the beautiful thing about not being at work I can sneak a nap into my day to re-cooperate, before my next plan comes into action. I'm on a mission this week and will make sure that I don't over do it with my knees. The bike is definitely coming out of the shed this week and I'm looking forward to riding it weather permitting. My ultimate goal this week is to see a number in the 150's so fingers crossed.

    Have a lovely week Ruth

    Trafford1 x

  • Good luck for seeing a number in the 150s :) Weather permitting I also plan to get on the bike next week. I plan to cycle to work on Tuesday, need to find a way to keep cycling despite time getting more squeezed. There's always waterproof trousers etc of course too, no excuses needed really! Good luck with all your plans for your time off and have a great weekend to start it all off. :)

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