feeling bad

well done my first day 1 of c25k and felt so happy but then night came and I binged eat yes I might be 2 pieces of toast with ham and cheese but still feel bad that I ate it. lucky I didn't eat more just had bannan smoothie but how do u beat them feelings cause I just wanna drink water and have fruit all day 2morrow to make up for it I'm guessing others have these feeling but I'm sure it wouldn't be good if I lived off fruit and 1 meal but u feel so bad u want to make up for it


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  • At least it was nutritional food. It could have been chocolate. Just dust yourself off and start again tomorrow.

  • Did you binge because you were hungry, or just fanciful?

    Have you been drinking at least 2 litres of water?

    You would be a very miserable person if you spent the rest of your life just eating fruit and drinking water, you have to think of this plan as being your new way of life and 2 slices of toast with ham and cheese is not a crime worthy of corporal punishment :)

    Make sure you're eating enough, have healthy snacks ready, build naughty treats into your calorie allowance, forgive yourself if you slip up and move on :)

    Good luck :)

  • I don't think I have drank enough and it was because of hunger but listening to ppl on here it's common to feel hungry when starting c25k and I'm annoyed with myself as I was doing so well x

  • Just draw a line under it and move on. It's worth taking a lesson from it and learning for next time, rather than punishing yourself. I remember that feeling of hunger when I started couch to 5k, also when I first started going to circuit training classes a couple of years ago, the same thing happened. It's a shock to the system starting a new form of exercise. Next time, plan to run just before you'll be eating a meal, e.g. before breakfast or before dinner, that way you get to have something as soon as you come in and you can replenish the energy you've used. Also, moreless's advice about water is good - drink lots of water during the day before you exercise so your body's in the best position to cope, being well hydrated really helps. I hope you can banish those thoughts of wanting to just have water and fruit tomorrow, it really isn't going to help you to punish yourself like that. Just go back to the plan from tomorrow onwards, keep moving forwards, and good luck for run 2 :)

  • Yes I didn't really expect to feel so hungry and it's only cause been doing so well x

  • I have a ginger nut when I get in from the gym (or did do when I was going!) Just the one, built in to my daily allowance. Sorted me out for cravings coz it was sweat and sugary but not too bad on calories.

  • I have never had ginger nut or thought about calories in it because my sister was allergic I think it don't help in trying to cut calories down for my evening meal but trying to do it proper today and just take yesterday as a blip which everyone gets sometimes x

  • If you drop a plate you do not throw out the whole sets.

    If you just eat fruit and water your body will go into starvation mode and try to hold on to your fat. I once did not eat for five days under medical supervision and gain two pounds.

    Gentle hug.

  • Yea it's just 1 them things u r your own worst enemy but loads these ideas and reasons and support is helping x

  • Your cutting out too much! If you only eat fruit and drink water all day you'll do exactly the same thing. You need a BALANCED diet. That includes carbs, and yes a bit of cheese. Smoothes are full of sugar (if you've had an innocent smoother you would be better off with a can of coke!)

    This is how I do things. Have breakfast. I usually have porridge with banana and a tea spoon of honey. Mid morning snack I have an Apple and a small handful of nuts. Lunch: it's all about soup at the moment! I have a wholemeal roll to go with it and I have a fun size bar of chocolate (This is where I need my sugar fix during the day) mid afternoon snack (if I get time at work) is usually some grapes (I keep a punnet on my desk in case I get nibbles) the dinner, I live on my own so omelette, or a chicken breast with steamed veggies. If I'm on a day off I'll cook something bigger from scratch and freeze the leftovers to use as ready meals.

    It's all about keeping your blood sugars consistent. There are days where I just don't have time for my snacks or I'm just not hungry...so I don't bother, you have to listen to your body.

    You need fruit and veg for all your vitamins and nutrients. You need carbs (pasta, bread, rice) to give you energy and help brain function. You need protein (fish.meat, eggs, cheese, milk) to help your body repair itself. Protein will keep you feeling full for longer as it takes more effort to digest it. If your feeling starved then have scrambled eggs, or a small amount of nuts.

    Our brain is very primitive, it doesn't want us to loose lots of weight in case there is a famine! Which is why when we get cravings it's for the high calorie foods...no one has ever said "My God, what I'd do for a salad right now!" You have to almost trick your brain into thinking it's full whilst keeping your calories down. Protein has always worked for me.

    Hope this helps

  • My main bad area is night time and that when I have no control and smoothies I make my own after seeing how much sugar is in most of the brands I go a lot by the colour system on food

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