Comfort food

I've been on my own all week and fell back into the habit of overeating comfort food. Now my brain says there are lots of people alone, you have plenty of things you could be doing but wallowing was the way I went! Yes I know, don't have sweets cheese and cake around but stores and cafes are a 10 minute walk away (even faster in the car!).

I can do healthy eating and being active most of the time. But at times of stress I over- ride the logic of distraction techniques and 'comfort' food is still the go-to. Any ideas out there? I just feel bad about myself at the moment.


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6 Replies

  • I don't think you are alone in this and really wish I had an answer for you. You know what to do, distractions do work but you have to make the effort to use them. I wish you luck, stop beating yourself up about it, forget about what you have done. Put your positive pants on and move forward. X

  • Hi Ceriandblue, sorry you've had a struggle lately. It is so hard to break these habits I know. My first thought when I come home to an empty house is - what can I eat? Even after 8 months of doing this.

    Maybe try to set yourself some rules - firstly that you have to walk to the shop if you want a treat. Then stick with stuff as low cal as you can - I recently found that 2 fingers of a kitkat is less than 110 cals. You can also get a few ice creams under 120 cals.

    Stock up on tinned fruit (in juice) and sugar free jellies to fall back on. When I first started this my mini binge would consist of a sugar free jelly, an apple and a weightwatchers mini roll - all that comes in at under 200 cals.

    Good luck , hopefully you can get back on track :)

  • Sugar is really addictive. Don't tell yourself what not to have, or it will bring the item to mind. Instead, concentrate on having controlled portions of what you can have; luscious foods that satiate appetite.

  • Thank you. I'm interested. I'm not sure about the addiction because I mostly don't eat cakes etc. It tends to be an infrequent binge when I'm down. More like an emotional response. But, I'm really interested in how you watch the carbs?

    I've tried to cut out pasta, bread etc but I find I'm hungry with just fish and salad. What do you do?

  • I would suggest that would depend on how much fat you are already eating. Far better to increase proteins

  • I fill up on other vegetables. I eat pasta, rice, potato and bread very infrequently but I eat lots of other vegetables and plenty of protein foods like meat, fish and pulses. I find beans are very filling. Three of my favourite meal are cottage pies topped with swede, carrot , butternut squash or/and cauliflower. Low fat sausage casserole made with a tin of spicy beans and tomatoes and Chilli, served in tortilla stand and stuff shells.

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