What have you had for lunch?

What have you had for lunch?

I always eat at lunch times. Now I know it isn't possible for people who are at work or have to cook for family in the evenings but I am 100% positive that it is better for us who can and some of those calories are shifted in the afternoon activities.

I had my chilli beef with winter veg, butter dumpling and baked potato today. I put the casserole on and went off to do my shopping and all I needed to do when I got back was drop in the dumplings that cooked as I put away my shopping and the petit pois microwaved. Now what did you have?


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63 Replies

  • Dumplings :-O !!! Yum :-)

    I had a bagel, spread with avocado and some BBQ chicken breast. Lovely :-)

  • Did you buy the chicken BBqued or did you do it yourself? Sounds great!

  • Oh no - I cheat and buy the pre-cooked chicken. It's handy to have in the fridge if I need a bit of a snack !! Not very good with cooking 'real' chicken as we have 6 of them wandering around in the back garden and I feel a bit guilty - they give me funny looks :-(

  • I had garlicky mushrooms with spelt pasta. Working from home so can cook, but will be back to packed lunches next week :)

  • Does that mean you've got some work sorted out then ? :-)

  • Yes and yes, and yes again actually. My usual freelancing stuff has picked up, so I'm more busy this week with it. Also a good job has come through, a proper payroll job at an office with full time hours which starts from next week, and then a third one is chasing me, one which apparently I'd 'got' but then they never gave me a start date, can now happily tell them their disorganisedness cost them a super-organised potential employee.

  • Yay fantastic news, whoever hired you just got very very very lucky. They will at the very least have a massively well organised payroll but it is obvious from your posts that you'd be a wonderful work mate. Congrats🌺🌺🏄🏻 ps can you commute by work or bike ? Pops Tupperware and proper cutlery and cloth napkins for your lovely packed lunches.

  • Great Ruth very well done

  • That's great - sounds like you've got it all sorted and an improvement to how you were feeling last week :-)

  • Here goes, a telling off but..... I had chicken and leek bake from the schwarz range of packets. I cringed when i typed the word....packet. however it was delish. Calorie etc not bad. Chicken.bacon.leeks.sauce.gratedcheese. Bung in the oven 20 mins. Fresh veg to accompany. Ta dah

  • In my defence, having read all the healthy meals you,ve eaten, I only had a small portion. My other half pigged the rest and doesnt put on an inch/ pound. Where,s the justice in that.......

  • Brought to work my daughter's rejected supper from last night! Cabbage fried with rosemary, 2 large meatballs, a few mouthfuls of pasta, tomato sauce. Then a large packet of pineapple bits. Not the most slimming menu, but I couldn't bear to chuck out the supper and I knew she wouldn't eat it tonight either! BUT I did walk for an hour this morning, on the way to work, briskly, so perhaps that balances out a bit of the eating...

  • It doesn't sound bad to me. was it the frying you worried about? My chemist friend says not to worry about oil.

  • That looks great. Later I am making a shepherd's pie but I do it with turkey mince and a sweet potato topping. Yummy - in my tummy! :-D

  • oooh - that sounds lovely :-) Shepherds pie is one of my favourites !! Problem is I like the version with cheese in the mash potato, baked beans in the meat bit - lots of stuff that doesn't do it many favours in the healthy stakes !!

  • Cheese! My nemesis if there ever was one *sigh* the low fat/low cal versions are rubbish, I would sooner go without. And I have for a while now... Oh your shepherd's pie recipe does sound nice though... maybe I will have to have it as a cheat meal one day... :-)

  • Have you come across 'nutritional yeast'? I recommended it to ShellieL as a cheesey flavour to mix into things, don't know if she had any success with it yet! I actually had it with my lunch, mixed in with the mushrooms and spelt pasta. As I'm off dairy at the moment and massively missing cheese, a vegan friend told me to try it and now I use it all the time. I can't pretend it's the same, but mixed into things you do get a cheese-ish flavour. Also, just mixing fried onion into mash is great too. You can mix loads of stuff into mash - parsnips, half normal/half sweet potato, celeriac, the list goes on :)

  • Yes I love Enegevita, a real sprinkle food, lovely on scrambled eggs

  • I don't think I would ever want to cut out all cheese or butter. I like it too much.

    I have used caulie to make a mash it isn't bad.

  • I always prefer celeriac

  • You must build in flavour I guess as turkey mince hasn't much but with the old Lee and Perins or soya sauce and stock cubes and chilli and garlic you wouldn't know it wasn't beef lol

  • Porridge (I've been experimenting with low-carb breakfast), followed by cheese, definitely not low-fat. Need some veggies for tea!

  • Is porridge low carb?

  • Breakfast was eggs and double cream.

    Porridge was lunch, but I still control my portion sizes.

  • Were they scrambled with cream or maybe Eggs Benedict?

  • Fried in a little lard yesterday I think; the double cream I whisk as a side-item.

  • You could fry in stone pressed rapeseed oil as this is actually good for you. Were the eggs on toast?

  • I don't believe processed oils are good for us, and I seldom eat bread because of the preservatives.

  • Cold pressed oil is as pure as anything you can get

  • I find the genetic manipulation to reduce erucic acid scary too.

  • what does that mean please?

  • Erucic acid is a fatty acid which was found in high levels in the original rapeseed plant. It was found to be associated with heart muscle damage so different strains of rapeseed ( or canola) were bred to have lower levels of this acid. It seems as though the first version of this happened more naturally by selecting varieties that were naturally lower erucic acid and selectively breeding them, however later versions were bred by genetic engineering. I don't know how you would tell for certain whether the bottle you buy in your local supermarket was made from genetically modified crops. ( I grew up in an area where a lot of rapeseed was grown and my dad had misgivings about it)

  • All I know is that my chemist friend here in the UK recommends it and he is au fait with products more than I am. I also knew a farmer in France who grew rapeseed and sold the oil from his first pressing, the rest went for bio-fuels. He said that with things like rapeseed where it is fertilized by bees who travel from one place to another you can never say it is organic.

  • If you have a bit of time then buy best quality flour with no preservatives and make it yourself. I have a breadmaker and make my own and freeze it in portion sizes.

  • BUT having said that it is carbohydrate and we all know that that is not best for losing weight. Also bread takes 72 hours to transit the system.

  • I have done my own; it's mainly the lack of micro-nutrients that I find off-putting, and trying to satisfy different people's tastes whilst trying to keep the Gi low.

    I'm having about 100g carbohydrate per day currently; I omitted it from breakfast because when I wake I don't 'feel' I need it anyway. My body seems to replenish my glycogen sufficiently overnight from what I've eaten.

    I don't like to go very-low-carb.

  • Fish fingers and bread and butter! Always an evening dinner soul, been unwell so off today, gone a bit over my allowance today.

    Oh well I've spent most of the day in bed, work calls again tomm

  • Hi, i hope you feeling a bit better. New day tomorrow.

  • I do hope you are better tomorrow.

  • Avocado salad with lemon dressing and black olives and a hint of chilli.

    Usually have a lentil salad with feta and / or olives, but had bought avocados for my son going very ripe so I made a yummy salad with them today 😋 .

  • I have sat playing cards on the laptop and munched my way through too many olives and almonds and a packet of fruit seed and nut sprinkles. They disappear without you noticing lol

    I love avocados

  • Ah you see me hat is where my eve herbal teas cone in, nibbles banned unless I feel very hungry

  • 25g of cous cous cooked in veg stock with steamed garden beans, broccoli and cashew nuts. Always carry lunch to work and have big meal at night

  • That was very virtuous well done!

  • Smoked salmon and avocado on malted bread. Felt it was missing something- sprinkle of olive oil or capers or both.

  • I used to live in S of France so I got to like olives. Maybe a few prawns would have helped?

  • Worth a try 😃

  • Try pickled cucumbers and lemon juice. Or a tiny smidge of dijon mustard spread on the bread first :)

  • Ooh I used to love gherkins- never thought of putting them with smoked salmon. Good idea 😃

  • Classic combo smoked salmon and pickled cucumbers. The strong flavours go together perfectly. I like the sandwich-slice-style ones.

  • I made the hearty vegetable soup on the NHS weight loss site. Had it for lunch yesterday and today is absolutely delicious, having it again tomorrow ☺

  • I haven't found the recipes on here yet where are they?

  • I found them by accident when I googled healthy vegetable soup and up it came. Its delicious though I did add some chilli flakes for some extra flavour yum yum!

  • I seem to be putting chili into a lot of things. I don't think I would like it in chocolate cake though.

  • Never had it in chocolate cake but apparently it's delicious. But give me lemon drizzle or carrot cake any day 🎂. I always put chilli flakes in my soup for extra zing ☺

  • Likewise Sybil I can't find them HELP

  • This is a 2 year old post, Sann and I've just found you! If you have questions, always refer back to the Newbie Club :)

  • I had a warburtons thin with turkey, an apple, raisins, a orange and a no added sugar jelly pot, all came to 261 cals :) !

  • Well did you carry on in the same low cal vein for dinner or did you succumb to something more calorific?

  • Today... egg salad and a massive fridge pack of pineapple. Oh how I love it. It would be my desert island food. Even if it does frazzle my tongue with its acidity! what would other people have as a desert island food, i.e. the only thing you're allowed? Would you be indulgent or sensible?!?!

  • Oh so hard to choose one as you could say bread but then I would want butter and ... yes cheese. Well there you have it - it is why I am on here lol

  • Good morning Sibyll, just to say how much I enjoyed reading this thread. Have a good day.

  • Well it is a dull morning here on the Norfolk coast and it hasn't started well as I forgot to leave out the garden waste bin and it was full. They come at 6am and I needed to have it out last night. It won't get emptied for a fortnight and there is so much cutting back, I will have to go to the tip which is 5 miles away.

    Also the scales are telling me I have put on a pound and as I was good yesterday that does not best please me. I do wonder about my scales though as they are old and manual ones, when I am weighed at the doctor's I always seem to be less. Maybe the doctor is being kind and not telling me the brutal truth as he does not want to upset me. I do feel that living on my own and not being in the first flush of youth, people are conscious of what they say in case it depresses me. Anyway maybe I should be looking into buying digital ones? What sort have you got?

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