Week 33

Hi everyone :-) today is a good day and the scales have been ever so kind to me.

I have lost 4 lbs bringing my total weight lost to 66 lbs and I now weigh 174 lbs WOOP WOOP!!! :-) I couldn't be happier right now. This is truly a blessing for all the effort I have put into achieving this number. Overall I have lost 27.50 % of my original body weight. I have stuck to my calories and worked out to my fullest potential this week.

I am really pleased to report that I ran my first ever 6 k this week in 32 mins 52 secs also I beat my 5 k personal best time of 27:04 and ran this in 26:47 on Friday. My inspiration this week has been Ruth_canal_runner her posts have really made me want to go that bit further and her words of encouragement have spurred me on so thank you Ruth :-)

I am going to continue into next week with the same determination and want to complete a 25 k bike ride before my next weigh in. This may not seem like a lot but It's the first time I would have rode this distance so I am looking forward to that and maybe even beat another personal best. I would also like to row 5000 m without stopping. To date I have done 4000 m non stop so lets see if I can achieve this as well.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me throughout my journey it has been such a great motivating factor for me and I hope everyone is doing very well on your journeys :-)

Have a wonderful week and best of luck to all of us

Trafford1 x


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38 Replies

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  • Brilliant Trafford1 - very inspiring post! You'll motivate everyone this morning! Thank you!

  • Hi Judywood, thank you so very much and I hope to inspire others too :-)

  • Whoop Whoop Whoop Whop!! Awesome achievement, you are doing really well!! Keep it up!!

  • Hi Chris76, that is very encouraging thank you hun :-)

  • You absolute star!

  • Aww thank you Portlandprincess :-)

  • Amazing work really like how you are setting yourself fitness goals what a great way to keep motivated !

  • Hi Yoyo10, setting fitness goals is a great way to stay motivated on our journeys. I am on week 33 so need to keep it different every week. Thank you for your support :-)

  • Wow - that is amazing - well done for all that effort ! What an inspiration for us :-) :-)

  • Thank you lucca10 :-)

  • Wow! YOU are an inspiration!

  • Thank you so much 2bFabnfit, love your name by the way :-) Cool

  • Hi Trafford1,

    Congrats on another fantastic week, I do admire your spirit and determination you are an inspiration.πŸ’

    Hope you enjoy your bike ride and I agree Ruth is a great support and motivator πŸ’

    Have a great week


  • Hi flossie, thank you so much for your lovely words and support as always. I am going for that 25 k ride as mentioned in an earlier post this week and am looking forward to it :-)

    Ruth has been a great support and motivator this week which lead to me completing my 6 k. Goes to show the support we give each other really does make a difference.

    Stay fabulous hun and keep up all the great work :-)

    Trafford1 x

  • Hi Trafford1,

    Wow, Congratulations on your 4 pound loss this week, and to achieving a total loss of 66 pounds overall. That is phenomenal!!!

    I am particularly impressed by your running times - achieving new personal best's in both the 5k and the 6k - I know it was your first 6k. Really well done!

    Good luck with your 25k bike ride and with achieving the non-stop rowing of 5,000 metres. I'm sure you'll manage both those goals - you're sounding really motivated and positive.

    Have a great weekend.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Hi Lowcal and thank you. I am well motivated and have set these two goals this week which I am excited about completing.

    I am impressed with my running times which keeps getting better and better and I love to challenge myself just to see how much I can do and how far I can go.

    I am loving every moment of this journey and so glad I decided to change my life for the better.

    Thank you Lowcal for all of your continued support and encouragement it really means a lot :-)

    Have a wonderful weekend and good luck for Monday hun

    Trafford1 x

  • Awesome. You have and are doing amazingly well. 25k, to me, is massive. Over a quarter of your body weight gone, the exercise levels...... well, I take my hat off to you hun. I have the biggest smile for you, WOOHOO. πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

  • Hi ShellieL, thank you for all your smileys and for your lovely encouraging words. I can't wait to get to 30 % of body weight gone now, I am always looking to better the last number and set challenges for myself to stay motivated which seems to be working for me. I love it :-)

    Looking forward to the bike ride it's another accomplishment I want to tick off my list of things to do :-)

    Have a lovely week hun

    Trafford1 x

  • That is amazing you deserve to have the biggest smile. I love reading all the positive posts & can sense your feelings of achievement, really gives me a boost.

    Have a wonderful day :) x

  • Hi Ali911, thank you for your support. It's such a great motivator for me to receive all the support from this forum too and I think it is such a great place to share our journeys :-)

    You have a wonderful day too hun :-)

    Trafford1 x

  • I'm exhausted reading what you have been up too!

    Well done, it's good to see you achieving your goals.

  • Hi Mello17, that is funny :-) thank you so much hun x

  • Brilliant ur truly an inspiration xxx

  • Thank you Yvonnenanny1965 :-)

  • Take a bow Trafford, you have worked incredibly hard to achieve this result and you deserve success, well done you!

  • Thank you Jenever, it has been a tough, but enjoyable week and very happy with this result today :-)

  • Congrats on your brilliant weight loss & the fitness challenges too. What an amazing effort & achievement!

  • Thank you fifi15, I love the a challenge and this keeps my journey interesting for now and in the future. It also helps toward the weight loss :-)

  • Fantastic news, keep up the good work. What you have achieved so far is literally amazing!

  • Thank you so much Emma-x- :-)

  • Ruth maybe inspiring you however YOU are inspiring me.

    You have lost an average of 2 pounds a week EVERY week - thats amazing Trafford - you should be so proud of yourself. I am so impressed by your tenacity and the heard work you have clearly put in.

    I don't know an awful lot about a 5K...yet! but your time seems really impressive for someone who is fairly new to the sport.

    Can I be you when I grow up? :D

  • Hi Dave, good one :-) Love your cheeky grin too

    Thank you for your lovely comments Dave, it's great to hear I have inspired you. To be honest I inspire me too LOL

    I have surprised myself no end on this journey. I was always very competitive as a teenager and that competitive streak has been re ignited on this journey. I am competing with myself and setting new goals for myself every week.

    I find I am in my own head space at the moment (if that makes sense) I'm like my own trainer. My 5 k time is really good and the more I run this the more I seem to be OK with running a faster pace. It's all about finding the right pace that suits you and then challenging yourself to run it faster and believing that you can too.

    On my first ever run there was this little voice in my head telling me I can't run this you need to stop then I told myself I can and I will do this and I had to fight to reach the end. I've not stopped ever since :-)

    66 lbs in 33 weeks is an average of 2 lbs a week which is a good steady weight loss. I have learned that patience pays and so does hard work. What we put into this we will be rewarded for. Good things do come to those who wait and dreams really can come true.

    Thank you again Dave and have a really wonderful week :-)

    Trafford1 x

  • Hi trafford1, very honoured to have inspired you! You've def pushed hard this week. Your 6k run and very fast time for 5k both seem a long way from where I'm at right now. I ran 5k in 39min13 yesterday, my fastest ever, but a long way from your 27min04. So I'm in turn inspired to push harder too :)

    Mega congrats on 4lb loss, that's exceptional, you must be grinning from ear to ear. Good luck for this week's cycling and rowing goals. I've no doubt you can achieve them both. Have a great week 34 :)

  • Hi Ruth thank you so much and I am happy you are honoured and so you should be. We have to mention who inspires us on our journeys this is what this forum is all about. You are an inspiration to many on here and very supportive :-)

    I am very proud of my 4 lbs loss and yes BIG GRIN :-)

    Congrats on running your fastest time ever on your 5 k run yesterday with a time of 39:13 :-) Brilliant

    I have spent a lot of time during my 33 weeks running a mile as fast as I can and beating that time over and over, then I moved up to running 2 miles as fast as I can and beating that time again over and over until one day I realised that I can breath and my heart is beating out of my chest and I am comfortable and that's when I went for the 5 k. So over time I have built up my pace and always want to complete every mile within 8-9 mins and that's how I have managed to do it with a personal best of 26:47 to date.

    Here's to another great week and look forward to catching up soon

    Trafford1 x

  • Yay here's a big grin in return :D

    Hopefully heading out on a bike ride soon, and weighing in tomorrow, hoping for more good news there, fingers crossed! Interesting to hear how you reached that time and your own route to reaching being able to run 5k. I'm also working on doing shorter faster runs to try and improve my longer run times. So am very encouraged to hear that is what works for you too.

    Glad to be a support, I get so much out of being on this site, it's really supported me all the way through both the c25k and the weight loss plan :)

  • Good luck for weigh in tomorrow...fingers crossed for you Ruth and enjoy your bike ride. I'm out on my bike today as well. Enjoy :-)

  • Bloody brilliant, well done you should be so proud of yourself.

    You are motivation yourself so a big thanks for all your posts.

    Have a wonderful week.

  • Thank you Jo4950 the journey has been great so far and I am sure that the high I am on is going to see me through to my final goal.

    It's this community that also adds to my continued successes and I am so happy to have found it

    Trafford1 x

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