Increasing fat loss and reducing insulin resistance

I listen to a podcast called "Cut The Fat" which is hosted by a Dr of Pharmacology and a fitness trainer. Some fantastic unbiased, un-fad like information about your body and what can work to help you towards a sustained healthy life.

They were looking at the latest trend of fasting diets like the 5:2 diet and both of them were very keen on another one which the National Center for Biotechnology Information in the U.S. had trialled with good success.

Its basically fasting from bedtime to lunchtime the next day and doing high intensity aerobic exercise for 30-60 minutes a day in the morning. They count walking at a fast pace as a high intensity exercise.

This doesn't HAVE to be this pattern, as long as you have a 12-14 hr fast and aerobic exercise somewhere during the fast it will work.

There are no restrictions on caloric intake but obviously they recommend low GI good healthy food.

Participants reported losing as much fat in the second month (average fat loss over the two months was 7.4 kg) as they did in the first with some losing MORE in that 2nd month and reported a 25% drop in insulin resistance which in turn means higher fat burning.

I did a little research and haven't found anybody talking about it in bad terms, only good.

I think once I get past the point where just LOOKING at a salad makes me drop a pound I will try this one out.

And as for my troublesome knee it turns I have osteoarthritis and a bakers cyst. I have already done research on the osteoarthritis and there is plenty I can do to ensure I will still be up and active and walking/running for many years to come - losing weight being at the top of the list.

The bakers cyst is an accumulation of the lubricating fluid your joints produce. It puts pressure on the knee and occurs if you suddenly become more active quite quickly. Guilty!

I am getting it aspirated next Wednesday and I should be back in the swing of things that day.

If you didn't know aspirated is a nice word for a-great-big-bloody-needle-will-be-shoved-in-the-back-of-my-knee-to-suck-out-the-juices.

I prefer aspirated myself :)

Have a great day all!

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22 Replies

  • Interesting Dave,

    I don't think I could miss breakfast. But if I make sure I eat my evening meal before 6.30 pm I can do my workout before 6.30am that gives a 12hr fast. Then brekkie and shower before work. I am an early riser anyway so I could do that most days at least.

    I was planning to work out before work anyway as I can fit it into my day easier then.

    I think that having some days you eat more and some less across the week also helps your body give the fat up and break through plateau in weight loss (calorie cycling) so long as overall consumption averages the recommended calories. ( ie for me 1300 x7 )

    I tend to lower intake a few days , have the 1300 a couple and save calories for eating out / celebration days but don't go over my total weekly intake.

    Seems to work for me. I am going to try earlier evening meal and see ...

  • I too couldn't miss breakfast so love the idea of eating earlier, fasting until breakfast and ensuring a workout before I eat.

    Makes sense it would burn stored fat for energy.

  • Yes the first of 6 I've written three of them so far

  • My goodness, you were up at stupid o'clock writing posts! Sorry about your knee, sounds rather gory as a procedure. "Aspirated" sounds very cute for what they're going to do...

    As for the diets, I'm not a fan of fasting myself. I cut out the majority of fats and alcohol and was stricter about the requirements for what went "in" (no processed food) but ate three times a day, every day. Cutting out the crap in my diet (including alcohol), eating reasonable quantities but not starving myself at any point and reprogramming myself to eat properly was the key for me. We're all different though, and what's important is to get the result in the way that suits you. If you're dropping weight by just looking at a salad, I don't see the point of changing your method - you're doing really well :)

  • That's because Dave is in Australia! Not stupid o clock for him !

  • That explains it :D (Visions of Dave typing away in candlelight fade...) :D

  • Yep Aussie here so it's not stupid oclock here its now 4:00 p.m. - I am sure its stupid o'clock somewhere in the world though ;)

    Its not about changing my routine just to change it it's about thinking ahead. Your body becomes accustomed to your dietary habits and sometimes a little shake up is in order to boost your fat burning.

  • Everyone finds their own way of getting where they want to go... And for me, it's the coffee machine. 8.15 a.m, banana and muesli in Southern France. :D

  • I think that's what I do anyway. Last eat around 5.30pm then don't have anything until the following morning. On workout days do HIITS and weights first thing then no food for at least 45 minutes so not eating till around 6.30m. Only do this 4 times a week though as the body needs time to rest particularly when using weights but still have the 12 hours fasting.

  • You're on the plan without even knowing it! I really admire your tenacity Andy.

  • Yet another informative brilliant post from you Dave!

    The findings and theories are interesting and definitely worth considering when I need to have a mix up and change.

    Thanks Dave!

  • There's a lot of info in that post! I think on my run days I may be fitting into the pattern too. I tend to run before breakfast, and I'm not as much of an early bird as andyt so my breakfast can end up being at 9a.m. or after. If my dinner was at 9p.m. or earlier the night before, which it usually is, then I've fasted 12+ hours.

    Hope the aspiration is not too painful and importantly eases the pain the cyst has caused. Hope osteoarthritis does disappear as the weight goes down. More motivation to keep building up fitness too. Running/walking can strengthen your bones I think! Happy Friday :)

  • I love reading your posts Dave. So much to follow up. when I'm reading I'm not thinking about food! Will you let us know more about the arthritis prevents too please?

  • Hi Dave - an aspirational post as ever! Lots to think about here- you always have something insightful to share. Once I've lost a load of weight I need to work out what normal eating looks like and I think that these studies point the way towards understanding what 'normal' looks like. If I was a farmyard animal they'd know exactly how to feed me but a human? Nope your in the hands of the food industry.

    You're spot on with the observation about insulin too - its something that isn't pressing for me right now but diabetes is in my family and its a horrendous condition.

    Hope you are OK with your procedure!

  • Well Dave. Good luck with the draining. In my case it refilled, burst and the upshot was a new knee! LOL! I didn't realise you were in Australia. I think it's crazy that we just type away and make assumptions. My mum would have loved the internet! On the food thing, I dropped off the wagon for a few days (socialising) but am back on it today. I'm getting more knowledgeable about insulin and for me I do know that carbs and sugar are the weight increasing devils. I cook fat free anyway and haven't had cheese for yonks, but if I go steady on the carbs I don't want sugar and that combination leads to weight loss. Forgot to mention the wine though! That of course is calorie-loaded and in itself leads to munch munch munch. Hey ho, am back on it today so . . . . .

  • Hi Dave,

    You're sounding positive after receiving the results and I am glad you're having that 'aspiration' very soon on your knee - hopefully it will help you feel more comfortable.

    Hope your day is going well so far.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Clicked onto the link and then continued to read around the mini fasting theory. It does make sense and it reminded me of when I used to walk 35 mins to work three times a week. Although I didn't skip breakfast, it would not have been difficult. However, still lost two dress sizes and wasn't dieting. So, will be adding this to my armary. I'm a morning person so will fit perfectly. Thank you again Dave for the informative posts. Feeling very positive!

  • And 'normality' resumes .. a post from Dave :)

    I'm going to start investigating that podcast .. my brain is on overload with so much new info at the moment. I'm beginning to think I have abused my body with the wrong food for so long it's no wonder it's giving up on me lol

    Agreed aspiration is a much nicer term .. we'll have you up & running soon!

    Have a good evening & sleep well x

  • Our bodies can be surprisingly resilient if we treat them right for awhile :)

  • That's interesting and useful, Dave - thanks for these insights. It sounds as this is something I could do a few times a week. I will report back.

    On the knee - I have had terrible knee problems - including fluid one. One of the things I did was take myself to a physio to check out how I was walking and if I was putting undue pressure on the joints. Sure enough it seemed to be the case and I did a series of physio sessions and also was prescribed a set of exercises to help strengthen my core and mobilise my gluts more. It has worked to a certain extent - but I know when I haven't been doing the exercises enough. The aspirated thing sounds dreadful - poor you!

  • It is such a coincidence reading this as I have been running on my 'fast day' (5:2 diet). I generally have my evening meal then fast until my next evening meal at around 7pm. so I am running after work (6pm) and before I eat on an empty stomach and this has been great. I have felt like I have more energy weirdly and running for the 25 mins has been fine?!?! I was worried whether this was a good idea, but since reading your post I will now continue...Thanks for sharing :)

  • Brilliant.

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