Day One Went Well

Well it is a very small step but it is a step, One of the biggest contributions to my weight gain is my Job. I am a sales rep and I spend 7,8,9 hours a day sat on my big comfy rump usually grazing whilst driving, I get to my hotel and have dinner around 9pm and of course that will be accompanied by 3/4 pints!!. As I cover from Birmingham to Aberdeen I'm away a Lot :-( .. Now yesterday was day 1 Cornflakes for Breakfast, Home made Cottage pie for Lunch ( I was up at 6.30 cooking) a banana for snack and my Dinner was a salad with a Grilled chicken fillet.... But the biggy NO Alcohol.I was under my calories but didn't get the exercise but I will definitely do that this evening.. 1 day down 83 to go.

Only 18 more Fridays til Christmas Yeah!!


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  • Well done especially on the no alcohol it's so easy to have a couple of beers if you've had a long day as I was doing too, then realised I'd put two stones on in two years. it may be early in your quest but stick to it I'm sure like me after a couple of weeks you will feel the benefits 👍🏻

  • If you are in a hotel I really recommend poached eggs and grilled tomatoes and mushrooms for breakfast rather than cornflakes. They are much more nutritious and should stave off hunger pains for longer.

    18 more Fridays to Christmas?! That is scary!

  • Now that sounds like a much heartier Breakfast any more suggestions welcome..

    Thank you

  • Yoghurt and fruit. I also have a small sprinkling of all bran on top but I generally try and stay away from cereal which is loaded with sugar (even the "healthier" ones).

    I try and just use balsamic vinegar on my salad instead of oily salad dressing.

    And take fruit from the breakfast offering if you are away to keep you snacking healthily throughout the day.

    A cous cous salad travels really well if you are looking for lunches to make yourself. If you have to stop somewhere on the way opt for something like a jacket potato with baked beans or tuna (just watch the mayo) and salad.

    Always have loads of water in the car and also chewing gum is great for journeys.

    Good luck

  • Yogurt (Plain) & a spoonful of Muesli comes in around 350 cals. Scrambled Eggs & Mushrooms & Bacon if its grilled will be about the same. Avoid the fruit juice! and no, I don't want toast with that!

    Good luck

  • I have a toasted bagel, tinned tomatoes and a poached egg - lovely and filling, and probably something that a hotel might be able to rustle up ? :-)

  • Great post Johnygail.

    I feel it's my job that has put me in the overweight club too! I've got a really stressful job and I turn to comfort eating to make me feel better which then leads me to put weight on and feel dreadful about myself.

    I'm going to download the NHS info today and have a good look at that and see what is says and how it can help me.

    Keep these good posts coming.

  • Hi Chris, just by downloading and reading is a start I found it really encouraging and gave me the kick up th B side I needed, Yhe forum is a great tool as the support from other users is priceless.

    We can do it

  • Hi Johnygail,

    Glad to hear you're first day went well. That's a great start.

    I usually have porridge for breakfast, with some nuts and seeds, blueberries and cinnamon - it's really tasty and fills me up till lunchtime.

    Hope you have a great week ahead.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Well done, blinking brilliant, keep it up

  • Hey Well Done You! Hotel food is a real challenge - especially in the UK! Even when its healthy it can get really monotonous! And Well done for ditching the booze - that was the first thing I did - several months ago and I only rarely indulge now and it does not feel good I can tell you.

    At about week 3 of the plan I got into the exercise - I was active already but I've substantially increased my levels of activity since then and now I've had to buy new running gear (the old stuff was too big!)

    Hope you really enjoy the good you are doing yourself. Whenever you feel less motivated its a great idea to dip back here and write a post rather then head for old habits. You'll get a load of support here no matter what and when you post!

  • Hi

    yes I think this forum is the best thing about the whole plan..

  • Ha-ha! I'm rump-bound, too, snarlingly shackled to a desk like a pitbull to a lamppost. Good luck with curbing the drinkies - it takes time and has been a tripping point for me, too. And, please, do not mention the C word or I shall call the wrath of Cthulhu down on you! Keep up the good work - carry on like this and you'll do just fine :D

  • by C word you mean the one made with Flakes lol how bad can they be ??

  • CHRISTMAS. Eurgh. Don't understand it.

  • quite simple really its a Christian Holiday to celebrate the birth of our Lords only son Jesus Christ. Then in the 1950s it was Destroyed by the machine that is cocacola lol

  • I can't really add much more than everyone else that has replied just to say congratulations - taking this step is a biog deal and I KNOW you can do this mate.

    To ward off boredom (i.e. I want food-dom) oni the car I have been listening top a podcast called "Cut The Fat" - easy to listen to and I listen to one maybe 3 times because there is so much valuable advice to pick up.

    And its hard to think burger and chips when you have health, health, health in your ear!

    You can find it for free on iTunes or elsewhere

    Keep at it and if you do nothing else park your car 200 meters away from each sales call so you have to do some walking! :)

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