A stab in the dark

Hi, I have just today joined up with this community. I am obese but eager to lose the weight I need to that will help me to become more healthier and fitter. I have recently taken the plunge and joined Slimming World. I have tried to inject in my diet more fish and tend to have this for my lunch, particularly, tinned tuna and tinned mackerel generally with a jacket potato and salad.

However, since the start of this year, I have attracted four infections and I am wondering whether I am eating too much tinned fish which is causing the infections. I have been doing some research today and it would seem the ideal consumption for a male would be 2 portions of 'oily fish' each week. I have been eating more than this, on average perhaps 5-6 portions over the week. Would anyone know if this could be a possibility of the cause of these infections?

The infections I have had is 3 x cellulitis in my leg and a urine infection.




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7 Replies

  • You need to discuss medical matters with a health professional Mikey. It reads like your immune system may be a little low.

    Tinned tuna is not an oily fish as most of the beneficial omega-3 is removed during the processing.

  • Hi Mikey

    I would be surprised if eating tinned tuna and mackerel 5-6 times per week resulted in urine infections but as mentioned below it is worth speaking to you doctor about possible causes of repeated infections.

    Good luck with Slimming World.

  • From my own experience the cellulitis is more to do with being overweight, I wish you luck on your weight loss journey, it is the best thing we can do for our health. Lou x

  • Not sure how much you consume but tuna contains the highest levels of mercury, might contribute to what your experiencing?

    Hope this helps:)

  • Hi Lou I have been overweight for the last 20 odd years so I am wondering why this year I have four bouts of it, was being curious and thinking may be it is something i am eating. Hi Sammygirl38 I don't eat an excessive amount of Tuna. I tend to take a small tin of Tuna I think it is 120g once drained to work for lunch about twice a week and then a small tin of mackerel the other days. This is the only difference I can currently think of that I have been eating this year and so wonder if there was a connection. Been reading various sites online but what I can make out it would seem it is fine. Will try and make an appointment with an NHS dietician.

    Thanks for your comments X

  • If it were me I would be SO over the fish by now.

    Its very easy to also just steam or boil (yes boil - 10 minutes, low simmer, perfect) a chicken breast and just cut that up. I also like roasting a couple large cut up sweet potatoes in the oven with a spray of oil and then having that tossed with salad. Delicious and lower carbs than potato.

  • Thanks Dave. I have not tried sweet potatoes, will do so now, may be this weekend.


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