Disorganised dinners mean less healthy dinners

Last night my dinner was a large glass of wine and some nuts and raisins in the pub, along with a pint of water, followed by a midnight post-dinner snack of pasta and tomato sauce. Sound the wrong way round? It sure was!

Monday night I was working late but freezing and hungry (where did Spring go?), but determined to finish the job I was on. Got home at 9pm with stomach starting to churn from having delayed my dinner so long (compounded by early lunch and forgetting to take an afternoon snack), wanting some warming comforting food, and reached for some left over egg fried rice in the freezer. This is so not on my diet plan - what was it even doing in there? Well at least it's gone now.

Both days were a bad start to the week, over my calories, bad foods, and not conducive to creating new healthy habits. So today is a fresh start. I measured my waist and it is 1/2 inch less than when I started this, so taking encouragement from that, and I'm planning a trip to greengrocers for healthy salads and clementines for snacks later on. And going forward I'm going to be mindful of potentially disorganised dinner days, and take a packed dinner as well as lunch! Eating light means I really need to have a good healthy early dinner now! New habits, new habits...


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2 Replies

  • Hi Ruth

    This sounds very familiar to me and much like many of my evenings last year. Actually if you look at what you ate and drank last night and the calories involved it is really not so bad.

    A packed dinner sounds like a very good idea. Sometimes I used to get ready meals from the healthy range at M&S and stick them in the work microwave at about 6pm before meeting friends for drinks.

    Maybe you could also stock your freezer with some healthy meals so that when you get home late it's easy to bung them in the microwave and know that you have eaten healthily.

    Good on you for not letting it get you down. Hope the rest of your week improves.

  • Thanks. I'm drawing a line under it and going forward with good intentions. The calories weren't that bad but they were still over, and in the meantime late nights have meant I haven't kept up good habits at home of having nice healthy things in stock. I think I will keep some jacket potatos and small tins of beans at work. These keep well, and makes a healthy filling meal quite easily, and I did used to do this in the past.

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