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Start of week 2

So today is a good day and I have to say comes at the end of a positive week.

So after my shocker at the Drs last week I am now on the NHS 12 week plan, with the aim of making this change not just for 12 weeks but forever. I weighed in last week at 87kg and measured 95cm around my waist. I am 5ft 6in and my goal is to get to 75kg. I am not setting targets just going to count the cals, get moving, and post my progress good or bad on here each week. For me if I set targets I know I will be very hard on myself if I don't make them = give up.

Today at the start of week 2 I am 84.2kg and 88cm - happy with that.

I cook from scratch a lot and was finding the cal counting difficult and time consuming - was thinking I can't do this but have thought about what I was doing and made some adjustments to make it work for me. I have decided not to stress too much about it being exact, as long as I have as good a cal count as I can manage that will do. I have down loaded the my fitness app too and between the NHS one and that I think I am close enough on the cal count and accept that I might be under calculating a bit. I will know where to look when the weight loss reduces/stops!

It has surprised me what I can eat! I chose to have a sandwich and crisps out on a pick nick with the kids last week and was still within my cal limit as I thought about what was going in the sandwich and didn't then also have a chocolate bar and fruit as well. Have also managed to survive a meal out that was waaaaaay over the cal count, but walked more the next day and was super good to make up for it.

Thanks to the advice I have seen on here I have been able to think about it over the course of the day/week not just an isolated meal and so have not got cross and given up when 1 meal has been over.

I know I am still in the honeymoon period and that a lot of the weight I have lost will be water but I can feel the difference and that is good. I know there will be tough days/weeks but being able to post here feels reassuring! You are all so supportive - Thank you.

Just about to print off next week’s diary and sort out when I am going to exercise and write it down - week 2 here I come!

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I also home cook a lot, but I'm determined to log everything in myfitnesspal so I can track my calories. I have some pre-entered things in there that I return to again and again - e.g. a standard veg and bean stew, a standard salad, a standard pasta sauce, a standard flapjack snack, a standard 40g nuts and raisin snack, etc. It helps me learn what sort of daily pattern keeps me within my calorie limit, what type of breakfast/lunch/dinner combo, what type of snacks I can allow myself when I have a light lunch, etc.

I like the way you describe being aware of healthy options when you're out. A lot of it is about re-acquainting ourselves with some basic common sense. Lots of luck for your journey :)


Thank you


A lovely positive beginning. Well done. I adore crisps and like you I've found that by planning my menus there are always a couple of days when I can allow myself a bag of crisps with my lunch.

It's surprising what you can do isn't it?


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