Fallen off: Afraid to Weigh

I was so enthused and diligent when I signed up to this site. I promised I would regularly weigh myself each week having lost 1 stone at Slimming World.

Then I have had 6 weeks of complacency and I feel my clothes are starting to tighten.

So this post is me saying that I will endeavor to get back on the healthy eating wagon and next week I shall post my weight.


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9 Replies

  • Hello... that's a real coincidence. In bed this morning I didn't want to weigh myself for similar reasons. But I did! And I was pleased cos it wasn't all bad. We do get complacent and I even told my hubby not to make the beef curry tonight so that I could get back to better habits. Go on... have you weighed yourself yet? It really is the only way to do a proper reality check for getting started again.

  • Hi, I'm trying to pluck up courage. Glad to hear that I'm not along. Will get back when I do.

  • Here's a trick. Say put loud

    Today is a fresh start

    I am putting the past behind me

    Then hop on the scales

  • You need to weigh you are in control! Do it NOW! I am just like you by the way😊

  • If you're really going to make a difference this week, it will be good to know how much difference you made, so it would be good to see what the real weight is, wouldn't it? Although I also do the same, I really don't like seeing a higher weight on the scales. But we do all like seeing it become lower, and how can that happen if we don't see the higher number first?

    Another thing you could do is to make a note of which clothes felt tighter, and try them on again each week, as this would also be a good way of seeing the difference, without terrifying yourself with numbers. Be kind to yourself, and good luck staying resolved and making the right changes :)

  • U r not alone. Think about how u can change and that u can do it. I have been lazy for the past 3 weeks, and am starting again today. Take each day as it comes, and note down the food u eat , and weigh in today. Feel happy that u can do it for yourself.

  • Thanks Ruth, thats a good tip about trying on the same tighter clothes each week.

  • Thanks to everyone for your wonderful words of encouragement I've just weighed myself and I'm 87.1 Kg. That is about 1kg up from when I last weighed myself (2 months ago). I think.

    So now I feel that all is not lost. I originally weighed 91Kgs when I started slimming world.

    I'm feeling much better as I reckon it all could have ended in a visious cycle down. I will now endeavor to post my weight each week and encourage others in the same way that you have helped me today.

  • Thank you so much for doing that GQ38. It's so good to nip it in the bud. I weighed myself yesterday: 108.5--aaarrrrhhh. Up from 107.6 at the beginning of May. BUT today it was 107.9 so weighing is a good thing isn't it!!

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