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Hide the chocolate!

My Boyfriend came over 2 nights ago with chocolate. He was very thoughtful as they was all single bars. He even went to birds and got us ice buns and some energy drinks! He's insane but I love him. The energy drinks are low calories.

Sometimes the people we love most, family friends can impact on our healthy choices. If planning on making any changes make sure you let your love ones know and understand. As saying no at the start can be difficult if it's right in front of you.

Before he left this morning he also hid some chocolate. He knows I'm not there yet with my healthy life style and knows I'm coming off things slowly. I know it might sound ridiculous but this is the best way for me to do this.

I really am an addict, however as the time goes by I'm feeling better and better about giving up more chocolate. I'm also slightly OCD, so next month, 3 days away I'm going to step deeper in eating healthy. Plan meals, food dairies, and the dreaded weekly weigh ins.

Kahlan x

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My mum has a locked box with her chocolate for the week in and someone else has the key - I thought this was hilarious but she swears by it because she has to go and find the key holder before having the chocolate - therefore she thinks about it more and only has one bar a day...this wouldn't work for me though as I live with my dog and I don't think he could be trusted with a key lol x GOOD LUCK x

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