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Can't diet for more than a few days

So I'm brand new here. I'm 27. I have a toddler. And I'm obese. My BMI is just under 40.

I've never been able to follow a diet for more than a few days. I think it's because I have a little slip up and think "oh sod this I'll start again tomorrow/next week etc."

I just can't stay motivated. I've tried weight loss groups and Orlistat, I don't know what else there is.

If anyone can give me any advice at all I would really appreciate it.

Or eve tell me what made you finally decide enough was enough, and what keeps you going?

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Well done for getting the motivation to post on here. I've dieted all my adult life, but have always regained the weight. This time my motivation is end stage kidney disease. I have to lose 10 kg to be eligible for a transplant. So that is my immediate goal. Then I'll carry on with lots of little goals. I've lost 5kg in 4 weeks by following the NHS 12 week plan and using the NHS couch to 5k podcasts. There have been a couple of times when I've gone over my calorie limit, but then I've read some of the posts on here and that has persuaded me to carry on the next day. I think that the reason I've felt happiest on this weight loss plan is because it is all about changing my ideas about food. Turns out my major downfall was portion control, I was way out on my idea of what a correct portion was, getting a good set of kitchen scales and new bathroom scales has been a big help.

I've just realised that this post sounds terribly pompous and a bit miserable. I promise you I've had a few laughs reading the posts on this site and I feel really positive about my weight loss. Once you get properly started you will feel good too.

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Thanks for the reply. I'm sorry to hear that you're not well, hope things start looking up soon! That's amazing that you have been doing couch to 5k even though you're not wel, I have started it a few times but I feel so embarrassed to be seen running, so I never continue. Wish you well with the weight loss and kidney transplant :-)


At first, like you I was to embarrassed to be seen running outside, so I actually did the whole thing at home! It was tricky because I live in a flat! Heaven knows what my lovely downstairs neighbours thought! Then I began following the programme heading towards the station. My plan was that I would tell people that I was dashing for the train! The truth is most people are too busy to pay any attention to you, Admittedly I live in a small town so there aren't millions of people roaming around, but you can always pause for a few seconds and let people go by.

I actually feel okay at the moment, so am carrying on working and doing everything as normal for as long as I possibly can.

Please don't be put off from exercising, there is always a way round difficulties.


Elsie, diets don't work. What you have to learn is to change your eating habits. You made a good move to go on the 12 weeks program. It will teach you a lot. Take it a day at a time. Read each week pages twice a day. Get fully involved in it. Write Down everything you eat, check labels, plan you meals, have lively music playing while doing your housework, be happy. You will get there.


Totally agree with this, if you have the mindset of this being another "diet" then you're giving yourself the permission to go back to what you were doing before when you reach your goal weight. If you think of this as a lifestyle change that you will follow for the rest of your life then its not a licence to eat whatever whenever. Its about allowing yourself something occasionally - we eat to live, we need to try not to live to eat! Enjoy it, we all love to eat after all, try new food, activities, experiences.


You know you're so honest but you're just like me. It's so hard to keep motivated. Your motivation has to be your own. How about, thinking hard about what makes you start in the first place?

Is it buying clothes easily and looking good

Is it being able to run round with your toddler?

Looking good in the summer without covering up?

Feeling confident about the new you?

Then you have to really feel what it will feel like... if you get what I mean. And tell yourself okay--this is just for one week. One week at a time.

Sometimes it's the fact of thinking about everything we have to do forever...and that feels like such a big hill to climb. It's not surprising we give up easily.

Every journey begins with a single step. Just do one day well, then the next and see how it goes for one week.


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