Calories on myfitness pal?

Has anyone else spotted that the calorie values on myfitness pal are sometimes different than those on packets or elsewhere on the internet? I've spotted several differences, such as today, I checked the values of a whirlz ice lolly (my treat for the weekend) the packet says 69calories and myfitness says 40 something calls. Just who do I believe?


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9 Replies

  • I personally don't use myfitness pal, I count calories by myself because when having used mfp in the past, it has thrown of my count because its soo easy to miscalculate. I weigh my portions and adjust according to what is said on the packet!

  • Thank you. You have confirmed my feelings. That is exactly what I've been doing.

  • I use MFP but don't go by the calories listed in on the app. You can use the "quick add calories" function to just add the exact number listed on packaging :)

  • I've been using the add button. It just seems so silly that some of their calorie counts are inaccurate and might be misleading people. Thanks for replying.

  • Oh no, don't tell me Linggirl !!! I rely some on what is written on the pack, I also check the net, and depending on my mood, I will pick the lesser one !!!

  • I like the idea of opting for the lower value!

  • Calories can only ever be approximate, there are just too many variables when it comes to food.

  • I don't use MFP because by the time I had heard about it I had already built up my own system with a database of calories, protein, etc and tracking for daily, weekly and 3-day consumption (to stay on course even when going over in a single day).

    Because I've been doing this for well over 4 years, for manufactured projects I check back to the pack descriptions from time to time and do find differences - because they may cut back on salt but increase fat or make other recipe changes.

    So things not matching between MFP and the packs may be explained a little by that and also by MFP members not using the correct set (eg using 85g portion results but in the 100g category).

  • Thanks. It is improving my maths skills no end!

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