Week 7

Week 7 and a further 2lbs off = 12lbs in all and that's with me having the Chinese meal last week. What I did on the day of the Chinese was to eat healthily during the day enjoyed the meal at night and went straight back to my healthy eating plan the next day. In the past I would have eaten not so healthy during the day then find it hard to get back on plan "because I had blown it" . Where in actual fact it wouldn't be the meal that blew it but all the unhealthy eating before and after!

Hope you all have a good week. I am away next week so it will be a fortnight before I weigh in again- oh dear another challenge.


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11 Replies

  • Well done:) I tend to have one eve off a week, I still keep to my usual diet during the day and the same as you, I am back on it the next day. It does seem to work well and at least you feel you can have a night off.

    Hope you enjoy your week away, always hard to stay on track when you are away from your usual routine, but like you say, it is just another challenge - oh there are so many!

  • Thank you, I think it's remembering it's a life style change not just for 12 weeks or until we reach our goal. Being realistic and getting a good balance. Getting right Back to it and not beating ourselves up if we have a not so good day. Knowing you are planning for a "night off" can help keep you motivated.

  • Well done, that's fab🎉🎉 you have a good strategy for those times when you have an indulgent meal, I approach it similarly and it seems to work well. Better to allow yourself the things you like every now and then than to deny altogether and end up binging! Hope you have a lovely holiday, try and keep your healthy head on most of the time, but more importantly, enjoy yourself! Catch up with us when you're back! 🌸

  • Thank you, you are so right about not denying ourselves, -if that craving & binging starts it is so difficult to stop. I'm visiting family in Cornwall if I can manage a maintain that would be good.

  • Well done, sounds like you have found what works for you. Keep up the good work

  • Thank you for your support

  • Super cool Rosie23, congratulations on losing 2 lbs this week you are doing and excellent job keep up the good work.

  • Thank you 😀

  • Well done Rosie your doing great and your still going out and enjoying yourself which is the main thing as this plan wouldn't work for long if you thought you were missing out.

    Hope you have a great week ahead. x

  • Thank you for your support it really does make such a difference 😀

  • I think you're quite right in your approach to eating out, it would have been all too easy in the past for me to give in once I'd over eaten but I take each day as it comes now and preparation is so important as you point out.

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