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Confidence with outings

Going out tonight just up the road to friends's house. I do not want to spoil the evening and I am confident I know how to handle it.

We are talking drinking and we are talking eating. So, with the wine, my strategy is to have a glass of water before leaving then through out the evening fill up my glass with ice cubes, then wine on top. Meaning more ice cubes than wine. This should do the trick. Food is a bit more tricky so I will eat an apple before leaving, and I will just watch quantity.

Next Sunday is Mother's Day here so I will follow the same strategy with drinks and eating an apple one hour before then I will have loads of vegetables, so less space for cake. Just enough to be social and to enjoy it.

This is my plan and I know how to do it. This is what I have learned. It is something I would never have been able to handle well three months ago.

Feeling so good!

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Hi Nhs2015

You're sounding really confident, and positive - and I'm sure your plan will help you to cope really well with your social outing tonight. I hope you have a really enjoyable time, and also that your plans for Mother's Day go similarly well.

Have a fantastic week.

Lowcal :-)


Thank you lowcal. Social went well tonight. Hic.... A bit tipsy ..... Never mind, will make it up with load of vegies and soup tomorrow.

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