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I feel that at 68 years of age (I am sure someone made a mistake because I feel 35 max), I can bother your girls and boys with my advice: keep counting your calories.

I did not count my calories for 5 days because I am convalescing following last Friday op, and realise it would be easy to over eat. I am lucky I did not put on weight and actually lost a few hundred grams.

Now I love cheese and have a bit here and there, but I got carried away and kept thinking "i am within my limit" but forgot the bunch of grapes I had before or the extra cheese in the morning, and olives while making a salad. " a few won't hurt". I have been eating healthy and I am sure within my calories limit but it was close! If you have to stay home recovering, it is very hard not to want to eat.

Conclusion: do keep a record of your intake. It is easy for some extra to sneak in.

What I have learn from the 12 weeks is healthy eating. So glad I did, because it changed my life. I learn about food and drinks that I thought were ok but are not, About necessary fibre, cravings and so on. The only thing I have to keep at still, is to stick to those healthy habits so that it comes naturally. In my case I believe another 12 weeks is needed, because I have to think carefully. I have to be 100% sure I got rid of my unhealthy habits.

Conclusion: keep at it a bit longer.

Finally, the way I feel now is so wonderful that I just cannot understand why doesn't everyone do the same. There is so much to life, so little time, let's not waste it. All those enjoyments, even small ones, gives you so much pleasure, it is a crime not to go for it.

Even things like looking at yourself in the mirror and see a waist, a nearly firm bottom instead of a blob. To be able to cross my legs was such an achievement. I feel so normal. (Although I still have a bit more to loose, but getting there anyway) . I am happy and so should you because you are doing something about it. Go for it, Don't let pleasure pass you by.


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7 Replies

  • Thank you for such an encouraging post with advice which makes me sit back & think for a bit. You have done really well changing over to healthy eating it sounds like not only have you lost weight but it has had a positive effect on your whole life. I am currently on week 5 & think it is a good idea to continue with another 12 weeks once I have completed the current 12 weeks. 😀

  • Yes, although we can eat more calories, we're really talking about a lifetime, not even 2x12.

  • What an inspiring post. Thank you

  • I'm really impressed you didn't overeat. Well done! When you did have a little extra it was healthy food and your body wouldn't have minded that. I don't think I will ever be able not to want to stuff my face with unhealthy food but I am determined to be able to control the O.T.T. urge.

    Losing 9lbs in 2 months is still a shock for me as I didn't think I could do it and every time I weigh myself I expect to have put some back on. I think I'll let myself believe it when I've lost a stone. Not far to go there as that is my first major goal. Tomorrow is my weigh in day so fingers crossed! :)

  • What a lovely positive post showing the benefits of the changes that we are making. I am so pleased for you and I absolutely agree with you - a month into the 12 week plan I feel full of energy and so much more positive than I did before it. I have a long way to go until I reach my goal weight but that's ok cos I am reaping the benefits already. I even noticed today that my new nail growth is healthier - which probably reflects the point when I ditched the junk and started eating really good, nutritious food. I am finding all the changes quite exciting! :-)

  • Such a lovely post to read, especially the bit about being able to cross your legs haha, bless you and well done xx

  • Hi NHS 2015,

    Sound advice,thanks for sharing it .

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