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False starts:

False starts:

Suffering shingles since the third week in January, my 2015 health regime hasn't got off the ground. Still have some shingles pain, but to be positive, I've commenced the Nordic Walking referral and love it!.

I just need to commence the food controlling (trying not to use the word 'diet'). Will get back to my little-black-book of writing down food I've consumed to ensure I'm aware of ALL my food intake.

If anyone else has had a few false-starts, then please join me in making the start this time.

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Shingles can be very debilitating, I've not had them myself but I have know family members suffer, I dread getting them personally.

Have you thought of using something like MyFitnessPal.com to track your food, once you are used to it, it's a lot easier than writing everything down by hand and it tracks your calories for you.

Good Luck with your endeavours.


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