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A new approach - forming habits

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Firstly Emkat i cannot message you to update you...may be my app version?!?!

So the update, i lost 1lb week 1 and although weigh in is monday, looks like i have lost another...yay!

The old approach:

2 weeks ago i sat down to write 'my plan' to lose weight...again. half way through i stopped. A recent tidy out of my house uncovered a stash of similar plans. The only one that had truly worked was the one leading to my wedding.

I also thought my organised self and mind needed to track everything...steps walked, mins exercised, accurate food diary which also logged detail quantity of protein eaten, water and alcohol drunk. Etc etc etc.

I have also tried every approach going over the years from the cambridge diet to weight watchers to 5:2 but all require a real focus /constraint that i struggle to maintain.

Sooooo.....i changed my approach. I noted all the steps that would be needed to achieve the goal...e.g. drink more water, eat less sugar. And i am tackling one at a time until it becomes a habit. Not measuring in detail, not counting, just being 'mindful', practising until each become a habit. I have conquered other issues this way in the past and now get much more sleep and haven't smoked for over 10 years as a result. So why not my diet in general?

As a result i have lost 2lbs in two weeks (i started with 23 to lose).

I feel calmer and although i am focussing on one at a time, i am naturally making healthier choices in other areas.

It also gives you some natural flex so you don't beat yourself up at a tiny (or big!) slip.

Well, time will tell, i'll keep you posted!

Whatever works for you, keep going! 😊

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Weel done on your loss and sounds like you have it all worked out, i think its really sensible to make a healthy lifestyle a habit rather than "dieting" and it being temporary, i think thats the big difference i have found this time. Glad you have found what works for you. Keep up the good work

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Thank you fibronfedup! How are you getting on?

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I doing good thank you, think this time i have found what works for me, which is great. Stuck working today so wont get much exercise in, but will use it as a rest day. Hope you have a good week

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Sounds great. I am having a relaxing one and just did some batch cooking for the week ahead! Changing one habit at a time does seem to have a positive knock-on to the rest of the routine. Have a good week!

That is how I've done it one step at a time, diet coke first, two weeks later cutdown on carbs, etc. I managed a 6 mile walk yesterday and bought a fitbit zip to track my steps which has been a huge motivator. After sticking to my 1200cals for past 3 weeks and no loss I've done the same this week but more walking and lost 1.5lb so hopefully that's me on the way down again. Small easy chunks and targets is the best way to go! Good for you :-)

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Thanks rudysmummy. Good to hear it works for others too. My weigh in is today and I actually lost 2lbs last week so, so far so good! I just feel so much more relaxed too! Have a great week. x

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