This is my first post. I recently fell of the bandwagon. And then cut the bandwagon to pieces and threw it into a large fire. Safe to say my diet/exercise regime I had worked so hard on for two weeks (lost over 8lbs) crashed and burned. I think I lost sight of what I was trying to achieve and maybe became a little too confident (giving myself a cheat day, doing less and less exercise as well).

I'm getting back into it now but am so scared the same thing well happen again!! What should I do to keep my morale and motivation? What inspires people to keep going?


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  • Hey we all have setbacks and get a little over confident with eating and exercise at times. I think my weekly weigh in keeps me focused as it gets me back on track and refocuses me on my goals. I also have photos of the before me where i can see them and it reminds me to keep going no matter how hard it seems as i never want to go back. A goal outfit to aim towards hung where you can see it can help. Find something visual that will remind you to stay on track. Dont beat yourself up learn from it and get back on track to reverse any damage that may of happened. Stay strong

  • Thank you! I'm feeling reinvigorated today!

  • Thats great!!

  • I'm sorry; it's easy for me. I enjoy the food I eat. I wouldn't like to go back to eating processed rubbish. I think the food industry deliberately manipulates 'food' to fool your natural taste-buds, eventually eroding them.

    Eating a balanced diet facilitates appetite control. Most people need about 50-70g of protein per day, and their body uses 100-150g of carbohydrate per day. Making up the balance from natural fat, which is relatively inert, provides the anti-ageing benefits of a calorie-controlled diet, without having to suffer the deprivation and hunger.

  • Well, you have permission to fall off again any time you like! Sometimes less pressure is a good thing...makes it all less high stakes. Perhaps this approach will relax you a bit so at least you stress less about it all.

  • I think you're right. I put a lot of pressure on myself and then self-sabotage! I'll try and be a bit more relaxed!

  • Hi, it is hard to keep focused and the more you have to loose the longer you have to keep that focus. I check in on this site a lot. There are some people here who have had great results and that helps keep me on track. There are also lots of people struggling too so it is good to know you are not alone. And finally people share a lot of tips here which is great. You have to try to find what works for you and try to stick with it. If you fall off the bandwagon one day, get back on it the next and carry on. I have a ton of weight to lose but when I started I thought - even if I go into next year just being one stone lighter that is an achievement - and better than being a stone heavier which was likely if I kept on going as I was. Take some time to suss out your weaknesses and strengths when it comes to food and exercise and hopefully you will get back on track. Good luck!

  • You mustn't think of it as diet but a lifestyle lifelong change. You know you can lose weight so you have to get the control back. I nearly bought a chocolate bar yesterday but put it back on the shelf as I knew it would start me off again. Sugar is an addiction and is my downfall. It was a habit with me and as soon I realized what I was up against, I found it easier to resist.

    If you fall again then get up A.S.A.P. It happens to us all and I find the forum keeps me going as I think of all the support we give one another. I'm feeling rather rich now as I have £90 pinned on a board which I am looking at now. That's £10 a lb and I intend to spend it at the end of June as it's our 30th wedding anniversary. We will have a very special day out if I keep losing weight and putting money on the board. If I put any weight back on then I shall take the money off the board as that's only fair. Keep positive and believe in yourself!

  • For me it's clothes! Fitting into those smaller jeans........ Hard to believe I was a size 22! A few years back, slow and steady wins the race, it's not a diet but a new way of eating - good luck

  • Thank you! Clothes could definitely be a great motivator especially considering I don't fit into most of mine now! I have a dress I really want to wear again so maybe if I aim for that!

  • Found or attend a support group...see a shrink and make sure you don't need meds for depression. I did and thought it was the end of the world until I took them and began feeling better. Find a workout buddy (someone who may encourage you to workout but will discourage you from overdoing. Don't worry about the weight...worry about your health! Best, SallyS

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