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Hi I have only just completed the first week but really need to loose 2.5 stones in weight, my problem is I have a real problem with craving Chocolate, sometimes I can go a week without the need but usually I find I need some each day. Any thoughts on this please as to how to crack this one? just to say I have tried having a chocolate drink but this doesn't seem to work.

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Ask yourself everytime you want chocolate whether you want to lose that 2.5 stone, look better, be healthier or not? If the answer is positive and is the correct answer to long term health and appearance then ride out the craving by distracting yourself or eating something else, fruit should take the edge off the craving. If the answer is that you want the chocolate despite its negative effect on your weight loss journey, then go ahead but remember you can have results or excuses not both.


Hi lee7z

I hear you! Same here. So hard. So frustrating :'(

I buy raw cacao nibs. They are healthy treats that actually you will need to convince yourself they are treats! Try really dark chocolate and have only a square....

Well I do all this and still those cravings don't go away.

I have been combining my weight loss plan with some meditation. I use headspace. It helps me control my impulses to eat, because I think that ultimately my anxiety and racing thoughts are what is causing my cravings. It is helping

But I am struggling like you.

Today and went on the scale and I was so happy! Dropped almost two kilos. My first two kilos. So I am going to really take the time to write my feelings down. Next time I have a craving I will read that piece of paper and hope my future me makes the right decision. If I don't, I will try again.

You are not alone! :-)


Hey feel your pain i think most of us suffer with cravings and you will find everyone deals with them differently. I allow myself a small chocolate treat if i have spare calories at the end of the day. I also have other sweet alternatives like dried cranberries and chopped dates that i mix with mixed nuts. Also clementines work well.

But i find if i dont want to eat distraction works best, i do crafts so keeps my hands and mind busy, a friend cross stitches anything to take your mind from the craving. I read somewhere that if you get a craving drink some water then do something else like go for a walk or have a bath etc.. if half hour/hour later you are still hungry its likely that you are geniunely hungry so have a small snack

Hope you find what works for you


Hello there, well as others have said everyone deals with this problem differently. I find the only way I can beat the dreaded chocolate & sweet craving is just not to give into them because as soon as I have just one square of chocolate I have to eat a whole bar, or if I have one toffee I have to have the whole bag, it's an all or nothing for me. I'm in week 4 of the NHS 12 week plan and I haven't eaten chocolate or sweets, it's not been easy in fact very difficult in the beginning (a piece of fruit is just not the same), but I have to say I think I'm winning the battle of the craving as I don't really want chocolate or sweets as I used to. It's really a case of finding what works for you, good luck.


This is a very tricky problem. Whats worked for me (and I am a serious chocaholic) is I completely cut out chocolate! It was the only way, otherwise it would end in a HUGE binge. After two weeks I've slowly reintroduced it by buying chocolate flavoured protein bars. I need the protein and it gives me a lot of my daily sugar. I usually buy one halfway through the day eat half of it then and the other half later.

It will take a lot of trail and error but its all about finding what works for you!


No one size fits all, if you feel you have the control plan something in maybe a kit Kat each day a little one is 107 calories but you need to cutback somewhere else, and don't think of it as a right , but a treat or reward!


Just don't buy it!


I was addicted to sugar too so cut it out as much as possible in my first 3 weeks. It does surprise me that I have some control over my addiction now. My treat is a M&S low calorie chocolate mousse which is just 89 calories. It works for me as they are really rich. I'm amazed I can stop myself at just one and sometimes I don't even need that!


Believe me I understand but I'm sorry if this sounds harsh but it is all about choice. You could choose to stay overweight and continue to eat as you have been, or you can choose to lose weight and eat less.

You can choose to spend a part of your calorie allowance daily, weekly, on payday on chocolate. If you do this then you will choose this over other more fulling nutritious food.

You could choose to never eat chocolate again and only eat a healthy diet. You might get over your cravings you might miss it forever.

They are all choices. Personally rather like your wages where you choose to pay your housing costs and bills but buy the occasional treat, I prefer to budget for some treats. If the rest of the diet is healthy then a Friday night chocolate bar will do no harm if it is small and included in the plan


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