couch to 5k started

After a very stressful week I tried very hard to hide behind the sofa when my friend arrived to drag me out for my first session of couch to 5k, sadly the dog insisted on joining me behind the sofa and gave away my position so I was forced to wander along to the local park.

I am very overweight and recovering from a bad cough so the warm up walk had me wheezing like a bagpipe,but after that I bloody did it..8 one minute runs 90 seconds recovery after each run..there was only one coughing fit, one slight bladder accident, and one cough fart jog combination... but I did it..just what I needed this week, just what I didn't think I would proud and an added bonus the sports bra held....beware world this woman might actually be able to run!!


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10 Replies

  • Such a good doggy! I hope the dog got a biscuit for a reward. You are doing better then me as all I can do is go for a brisk walk. Running is not my thing! I have spent 3 hours gardening today so that counts. Enjoy your next jog! :)

  • no he didnt get a treat he'd stolen a small bar of chocolate when I go home so made me run and stole chocolate he is not on my christmas card list at the

  • Love your humor. If you wrote a blog I would definitely read it. Congratulations!!!!!!

    I can't run either (Asthma & Laziness) but, duh, I never thought about doing 60 second runs. Didn't think that was allowed. Like the running police would get me for not doing a mile or something. I am now encouraged to give it a try.

    Don't know how you handle running during pollen season when the news tells you to stay indoors but I will check into the possibility. (No indoor tracks here).

    Again, congratulations !!!!

  • lol the running police would certainly catch me.. three legged tortoise would have beaten me but it was still good to try..

    gentle exercise is good for your Asthma so maybe power walk the running bit..thats what I had planned sadly my friend knows my abilities much better than i do and made me run..but I could list 60 reasons why I shouldnt do it today..hense I gave my friend permission to bully me and as I know she wants to do it too it was much easier to go to support her than do it for myself

  • Thats great to hear and fab advice as I have a few mental health issues I work on one thing at a time so I'm gonna concentrate on the jogging(plus a bit of bladder control of course) first but will follow that advice when I've settled into the jog routine..of jog three days a week and moan about muscles the rest of the time :)

  • C25K is an amazing , morale boosting, simply fabulous program ... Enjoy 👍... Definitely keep working your pelvic floor 😉

  • I started to jog a few months ago. I am very overweight (and certainly don't look like I am capable of jogging!) but I now jog every morning (I know that is not recommended but I have got to the stage where I enjoy it so much, that I really miss it if I don't go!). I live in a small village and run down public footpaths through the fields with my 2 dogs (as I can't persuade any of my friends to join me - though they have all noticed the weight loss / change in my body shape since I started) and it really gives me a great boost to start the day. I don't just feel better physically, but mentally it clears my head. Do keep going. You will continue to be amazed at what you are capable of - I still can't believe I can now jog for up to 45 minutes without stopping (though I don't do that everyday!). When I first started i used to walk as soon as I saw someone else in the distance. Now i really don't care what other people think and just keep trundling on past them. I have discovered that actually those people now call encouragement and that keeps me going and that there are plenty of other people out there who don't look like typical runners either! I look forward to hearing how you get on and can really identify with how you wanted to put off trying. But now you have done it. Brilliant!

  • Clap, clap, clap! It's great that you started the C25k! And lovely for your doggy too, :)

  • Congratulations for starting couch to 5k. Humour is definitely an asset at this point, helps with feelings of self-consciousness and overrides your brain telling you that you can't do it. I completely fell on my arse in a big ice patch on a cold February run, but managed to keep going - knowing I could tell the guys here in a post and everyone would be sympathetic! We've all been there. Lots of luck for your next run :)

  • Is walking like a duck..more stretches next time!!

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